New Chateau Roux SinS Series (Womens)


As promised last Friday, when I debuted the Mens SinS Series from Chateau Roux, here is their contribution for the girls.

The collection consists of 4 new tees, two made from a mixture of modal and cotton, and two from 70% bamboo and 30% Cotton (the SinS logo tees) making them seriously soft. The tees have also been washed once in order to soften them even more.

Just like the Mens range, the tees feature Black & White images of wildlife animals tucked behind items representing the Soho lifestyle. However, unlike the Mens range, these tees have had some very clever little poppers added so that you can buy them over-sized and add a more feminine shape if you want. The poppers are located on the end of the sleeve and top of the shoulder for an easy roll-up, and on the back so you can pinch the tee into an A-frame. Clever isn’t it! (I was impressed)

All tees are available at in-store or online at Chateau Roux.

CRLady_SinS_Wolf_BB CRLady_SinS_Wolf_Bamboo CRLady_SinS_Deer_Bamboo CRLady_SinS_Owl_BB CRLady_SinS_Wolf_BB back

Alex Synamatix

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