Recap: The Thousands Opening

Holywell Street 620

Yesterday we made our way over to Shoreditch to check out the opening night of The Thousands exhibition at the Village Underground. You may have seen a few posts about the exhibition on the site this week, but in case you missed it, The Thousands is an exhibition of Street Art put together by 18 year old RJ Rushmore, founder of Vandalog. RJ has organised the exhibition as his way of bringing attention to what he feels are under recognised artists from all over the world.

The Thousands was a great exhibition and in my opinion definitely has gone some way to helping street art solidify its place in contemporary art history. I highly recommend that anyone with any interest in street art or contemporary art as a whole, head over and check out the exhibition to see it all for yourself. There are a lot of great pieces by some big names in the street art world and it serves not only as an opportunity to appreciate the work of these well known artists, but to learn about and witness first hand the work of some lesser known, but equally impressive talents.

The exhibition is accompanied by a book – The Thousands: Painting Outside, Breaking In – which I also suggest you snap up while you’re down there. It features work by all of the artists in the exhibition and more, along with detailed biographies about all of the artists involved. Also, while you’re out front, make sure to spend a little time checking out the massive mural by Burning Candy on the front wall (above), it’s incredible! The exhibition runs until Sunday, all the information you need can be found here. Don’t miss out.

Tough Love 620 Tough Love 2 620 Pop 620 RJ 620 Gallery Wide 3 620 Old Man 620 Books 620 Man Reading 620 Thousands Book Open 620 KAWS 620 Beanie Man 620 Gallery Wide 620 Gallery Wide 2 620 Banksy 620 Anti-establishmenttt

All photos by Jessie Brickley.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • SR

    A wee typo there…he is 19 I believe.

    RJ does not feel the artists are necessarily under-recognised…I think he wants museums to recognise them sufficiently to hold group shows like this…a bit subtle. For example Os Gemeos and Banksy are huge and yet…etc. Otherwise I guess one could accuse RJ of going against the ethos of the whole scene..?

    And around the corner from the Burning Candy wall – indeed on the main road – are some crackers – especially the one by Know Hope. cheers.

  • Dunk

    I went to see this but got completely lost and missed out! Gutted!