adidas Consortium ‘Your City’ Series #3 ‘London’


As part of the 3rd ‘Your City’ Series from Adidas Consortium, Crooked Tongues were asked to hold it down for the London massive. The result is a very British sneaker that will sit perfectly on a shelf amongst all the classic sneakers.

The only problem with previous models of the London was that they weren’t really made for the British weather! Fashion over practicality, that’s the true British way. The Victorian’s had that on lock. But so we no longer have to put on a stiff upper lip and just deal with these problems, Crooked Tongues have made an effort to remove them, kitting the London out in rubberised cotton to protect from the rain. This is not the only alteration Crooked have made to the London, changing some of it’s most iconic elements; the contrasting lace-stays are replaced with black on black, and the tea-coloured gum sole is gone, to be replaced by a translucent one to pay homage to the all year round puddles only found in the UK. A subtle touch is the mac lining on the insole of the London, unlike the not so subtle pint logo on the tongue – how very London indeed.

Over all, I think Crooked Tongues really went out there and put their necks on the line with this shoe, risking a backlash of abuse from the worldwide sneaker community for tampering with a classic. However, they stayed true to what they believed in and delivered a solid remake of a classic that I am sure will become a classic in it’s own right. That attitude, in itself, couldn’t be more British if it tried! Big up to all those involved over at Crooked Tongues, we here at The Daily Street salute you sirs.

Get your hands on these modern classics from the 14th December at Crooked Tongues and Adidas Consortium partner stores.

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(Images courtesy of Sneaker Freaker)

Alex Synamatix

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