Recap: Liberty’s Luella Christmas event


Last night was the official launch of Liberty’s Luella Christmas and the 15% sale across the entire shop. Spirits were high before we even entered Liberty’s, as we were approached by a very happy and well spoken man offering us a free glass of wine each.

Later on in the evening, I discovered that that very jolly chap is actually the official Town Crier of London, and is sponsored by both Liberty’s and Regent Street! If you didn’t make it down for the evening, then you missed out on one of the highlights of the entire Christmas period – Mr. Moore, the Town Crier of London. An undisputed hero. Another very welcoming fellow was Geoffroy de La Bourdonnaye, Liberty C.E.O., who kindly gave us a quite show around and allowed us to snap up some pics of him.

Once inside, you are welcomed by a huge neon mural reading “Liberty’s Luella Christmas” that reminds you of just how grand the building is, and how spectacular a store it is. As usual, I had to hold myself back from emptying my entire bank account within 15 minutes of being in the store! However, I couldn’t resist a nice zip up hood from Folke.

It’s always nice to shop in a good atmosphere, and last night had that down to a tee. With music being provided by string quartet Saffron Strings, free wine and free mince pies on offer, it was a very jolly experience all round. I was shocked in a surprisingly good way when I heard Saffron Strings play a wicked rendition of a Robbie Williams anthem, I can’t remember which song, but I remember being impressed.

One thing that i particularly love about Liberty’s is the staff; always welcoming and friendly, it’s a pleasure to shop in a high-end store where the staff are not judgemental, not even to us street kids. It’s not about walking into a shop and getting looked at by the staff like “What are you doing in here?”, and I’m not just talking about supposed ‘posh’ stores either. So, I’d like to give a long overdue big up to the staff of Liberty’s!

If you missed out on last night’s festivities, you can still cop the 15% discount if you make it down to the store today. But after today, you’ve missed your chance, so get down and pick up some rad Christmas gifts for the family whilst you can!


Geoffroy de La Bourdonnaye, Liberty C.E.O.:

_MG_3373 _MG_3436 _MG_3452 _MG_3427 _MG_3416

Saffron Strings:

_MG_3411 _MG_3440 _MG_3454 _MG_3462

Peter Moore, Town Crier of London & Geoffroy de La Bourdonnaye, Liberty C.E.O.:

_MG_3363 _MG_3442 _MG_3433

Peter Moore, Town Crier of London:


All photos by Aaron Dixon.

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