Recap: Phoenix Da Ice Fire Album Launch


Last night the Carhartt store on Neal Street Covent Garden was victim to an onslaught of 100% pure hip-hop. Phoenix Da Ice Fire launched his ‘Baptism Under Fire’ mix tape, which is clearly doing big, big things, the crowd was hyped. I arrived and already things where kicking off with Dj Roast spinning some quality riddims, whilst the host for the evening Kingpin, kept everyone on their toe’s. I have to mention the acapella that kingpin dropped, the dude was spitting some serious lyrics. He is now on my ‘one’s to watch’ list for 2010. The free beer provided by Meantime (i’ve never heard of it either, but i am a cider man) was flowing and the atmosphere was perfect for the P.a’s to begin.

The night was full of surprise’s and we where spoilt by the amount of high grade artists that blessed the mic’ s. First up in support of Phoenix was The I.R.S, a three man crew that are known for being the liveliest cats doing it on the live circuit at the moment, and trust me when i say they didn’t put their reputation to shame. If anything they proved it. Next up was the formidable Triple darkness crew, although admitting that they had not rocked the mic for a while they delivered a fierce performance mixing some heavy bass lines with some deep lyrics plus a very suggestive acapella dedicated to the ladies that where in the house, over all a top performance from a top hip-hop outfit.

Finally before Phoenix blessed the stage Nottingham’s finest Cappo went at it hard, this guy was awesome and with out a doubt worthy of his his main support spot. Thinking back this guy rapped pretty much non stop for his entire set. He definitely let us know Notts where in the building.

And then it was time for Phoenix Da Ice Fire to remind us all just why we where their. The crowd closed in and the excitement poured out of them and Phoenix wasted no time at all to get things going, diving into tracks and giving us 100% through out. I can safely say that Phoenix Da Ice Fire has single handedly made sure that he is a force to be reckoned with within the UK hip-hop scene and i would highly recommend that you either go grap yourself a copy of the ‘Baptism Under Fire’ mix tape or catch one of his live shows.

Phoenix Da Ice Fire doing his thing.

_MG_3775 _MG_3706



Triple Darkness

_MG_3687 _MG_3773

Host: Kingpin


Dj Roast


The Free Beer


The thirsty crowd.


All photo’s by Aaron Dixon.

Jamie Szulc

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