Palace Skateboards Olly Todd Pro Models


Palace Skateboards continue their take over of the UK skate scene by launching Pro model decks for Palace Skateboards team member Olly Todd.

Palace are bringing to the table some real pieces of art here when it comes to Deck graphics, these guys are stepping up the standards big time. The black and white imagery used here i feel is the key, the images are strikingly bold yet simple in layout. To me this is very clever, avoiding overly graphic detailed artwork which is in most cases too nice to skate. To me these decks serve two main purposes one, to be hung on your wall as a piece of art and two, to have the hell skated out of them!

Olly Todd is one stylish dude, on and off a skateboard and i have no problem what so ever writing about him. I give him mad props for departing from the well respected Stereo for a pro spot on Palace skateboards, a bold decision as Palace is a very new company that is also UK based. This to me showing that Palace have some big plans for the future making them one to watch for 2010. Whether you skate or not i would recommend a purchase so head over to Slam City Skates asap.

TODD 7.6 Both Todd

Cant talk about a professional Skater without showing you why he has pro status! Ladies and Germs please enjoy the talents of Mr Olly Todd!

Jamie Szulc

One of three co-founders of THE DAILY STREET, Jamie specialises in menswear and is currently Footwear Account Manager at Fred Perry.

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  • Stephanie

    I love every design on these! Amazing.