Perks & Mini (PAM) ‘Pammix’ tees


Perks & Mini, a.k.a. PAM, have dropped a couple of new tees at East London store Goodhood.

The idea behind the tees is pretty cool … It seems like they commissioned two mix CD’s and then designed a tee for each. You’ve got a choice of two, one is mixed by London electronica producer Leo Zero, whilst the other is mixed by Jerky Perky, Dee Wees & Rohman Bathwater with a Chicago theme.

I have no idea what you should expect from the mixes because I haven’t heard them, but the t-shirts are nice, especially the ‘spectrum’ tee for Leo Zero (designed by David Little). Both tees are made from 100% organic cotton, making the products that bit better.

Grab each pack now from Goodhood.

‘Spectrum’ Tee & Leo Zero Pammix:

pam_theatre_of_madness_tee-2 pam_theatre_of_madness_tee_b pam_mix_cd pam_mix_cd_b

‘Chicago’ Tee & Pammix:

pam_mix_tee-2 pam_mix_tee_b pam_chicago_mix_cd pam_chicago_mix_cd_b

Alex Synamatix

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