Reigning Champ drops at Goodhood


Esteemed fleece specialists Reigning Champ have dropped some serious products at East London store Goodhood.

You may look at these and think “they’re a bit simple, what’s the hype?”, but look a little longer and you should start to notice that the cut on these is clearly incredible and the material looks second to none!

Yes, it’s just a grey jumper, but it looks like the best grey jumper known to man…one of those products that breaks necks for no reason. A product where you look at it and think “How the hell does that plain grey jumper look so good?!”.

Maybe it’s just me? I don’t care, I think these garms look fresher than fresh. I can’t decide if my favourite item is the super understated grey jumper, or the serious nevy/grey fleece baseball…

Get your hands on these before they go from Goodhood.

Bound Crewneck (Heather Grey):


Bound Crewneck (Navy):


Bound Crewneck (Black):


Pullover Hoody (Heather Grey):

reigning_champ_grey_pullover_hoody-2 reigning_champ_grey_pullover_hoody_c

Thermal Lined Hoody (Black):


Fleece Henley Sweat (Heather Grey):


Fleece Baseball (Black):


Fleece Baseball (Navy/Grey):

reigning_champ_baseball_jacket_navygrey-2 reigning_champ_baseball_jacket_navygrey_d

Alex Synamatix

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