Introducing: Uniform Wares


Uniform Wares is a brand new accessories based brand coming out of London, and yesterday Oki-Ni added them to their list of brands.

In their first venture, they have created a range of block colour watches that has a focus on simplicity. These sleek designs are inspired by British industry wall clocks and aim to have a “practical permanence” – a phrase that I welcome with open arms. Let’s face it, it’s not about dropping hard earned cash money on a new watch to find that it doesn’t tic the next day. And yes, that did happen to me recently, and no it was not a fake. Precision Japanese quartz movement and a 4 year battery life should ensure that doesn’t happen with these watches.

There is only one problem with Uniform Wares’ watches … their beautiful simplicity of design is making me want a collection of them!

The watches are available now from Oki-Ni or the Uniform Wares online shop for £85 a timepiece. Be quick, because they are selling out fast.

25_large_72 2 watchbl Black-Watch-Loop Black-Watch-Side-and-Back watchw White-Watch-Loop White-Watch-Side-and-Back watchlg Light-Grey-Watch-Loop Light-Grey-Watch-Side-and-Back watchy Mustard-Watch-on-Loop Mustard-Watch-Side-and-Back watchr Red-Watch-On-Loop Red-Watch-Side-and-Back

Alex Synamatix

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