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Last weekend we were fortunate enough to be invited along to the Margin trade exhibition in London to get a sneak peak at upcoming collections from a number of brands coming out of the UK and Europe. Over the two days we met a whole load of creative people and were able to see their forthcoming collections first hand, all in one space, which was a really valuable thing.

For us it was all about the UK brands on show, with collections ranging from accessories to full menswear & womenswear lines and everything in between. There was certainly a lot to get round and see and as a result we made the trip over both days just to make sure we’d seen it all. With both established and start-up brands on show, Margin certainly had it all covered.

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Mr. Wingate – Great little brand from London with a big range of graphic tees and sweats. The attention to print and garment materials here really got us going, especially the use of puff inks on a few items. Check out the pub series too (see ‘The Macbeth’ tee above/left) which we felt was rather special. Mr Wingate is available from the new studio/shop in East London, or online here.

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My Yard – Bristol based artist focused clothing label with a big selection of bright t-shirts and sweatshirts. Their collection features the fine artistic talents of some of the UK’s best street artists and illustrators, including the likes of Nikill and Ben Normanton. Available through select UK retailers as well as the My Yard store in Bristol – keep an eye out for embroidered polo shirts and more coming for SS10 soon.

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I Am Five – Fresh new brand launched in 2009 with a hefty selection of T-shirts. Designs come with both added comedy value and just straight up simplicity. I loved the intrinsic British nature of the shirt designs, with the queen’s royal emblem and Sherlock Holmes silhouette making an appearance. Keep your eyes peeled for loads more from these guys soon.

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Ultramega – Brand new T-shirt brand based in London with some huge prints. Definitely one to keep an ‘eye’ on for the future. Check out more of the designs and purchase a few here.

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Lazy Oaf – One of the more established brands at Margin but still great to see what this brand have planned for 2010. With a new store set to open on March 4th and a lot of exciting product releases scheduled, this is set to be a big year for Lazy Oaf. Look out for the new 5 panel caps and some pretty exciting T-shirt designs dropping soon.

8 10

Mr. Jones Watches – Crispin Jones creates limited watches with very individual twists. The Decider helps you deal with those tough decisions, The Cyclops offers a more relaxed way to tell the time and The Accurate is “the most accurate wristwatch you can buy” – the hour hand reads “remember” and the minute hand reads “you will die”. All these styles and more are available here.

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Zelley Bespoke – Our personal favourite brand on show at Margin, a bespoke sneaker lace company based in Norwich. Zelley Bespoke allows you the opportunity to design your own custom sneaker laces any colour, any shape or size, but with a very special touch. Each lace is tipped with a variety of metals and gemstones of your choice. Chose anything from silver tips with cubic zirconia all the way through gold and rubies to platinum tipped laces with inset diamonds! A huge look for any sneakerhead.

Keep your eyes on The Daily Street for more from all the brands above. Big thanks to Margin for having us along to the event, we’ll see you again next year. More info on the show here.

Photography by Suffoca Boyce for The Daily Street.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • dan

    Allow them Tox09 shirts!!! Waste.

  • Alistair

    Margin was a great little trade fair! Considering going back in August!

  • John

    I agree on the lace tips – most interesting thing there, but who’s going to buy them at £50-2500? i thought the rest of it was pretty run of the mill uk brands need to step up their game if they want to compete with us streetwear brands

  • Paul

    Why do UK brands need to compete with USA brands like the ones u rep on your site John? There are many UK brands that speak to UK shoppers unlike most wannabe anerican streetwear brands that reference a culture alien to us over here. Great to see UK brands working to make a name for themselves, and great to see a UK exhibition and a UK blog representing the UK!!! Ditch the dull wannabe yank crap!

  • zelleybespoke

    At Zelley we know not everybody will be wanting to spend £50-£2,500 on a pair of laces. They are for people who appreciate a bespoke, hand made item of jewellery that has had a lot of time and care spent on them. Who buys a Ferrari for hundreds of thousands of pounds when they can buy a for escort for £500…it gets you from A to B just the same except the Ferrari will get you there quicker and look far better. The same with our laces…they still only keep your shoes done up but they do it with class and a hell of a lot of style!

    Follow @zelleybespoke on twitter…just search @zelleybespoke

  • John

    “streetwear” is a worldwide business, uk brands need to compete on a worldwide stage. i go to shows like margin and the reset because i’d like to see a uk brand that has the potential to become as iconic as stussy or supreme. sadly the brands i saw at margin don’t seem to have ambitions past getting their designs into a high st chain like topman and making a quick killing!
    the only t shirt brand i currently rep on my site is atg who have a healthy attitude – the see it as “a bit of fun”. there are uk brands i like – second son and trapstar for example, but they didn’t bother to show at margin.

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  • John

    @zelley bespoke
    i appreciate what you’re saying, there is a market for your lace tips but probably not amongst the readers of this blog. i like your stuff, if i could afford a ferrari lifestyle i’d be interested. £50 isn’t that much – most of us spend more than that on a pair of kicks – considering that the lace tips are a lifetime investment………

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  • Paul

    Give up on finding a UK “stussy” or “supreme” or another American one for that matter, it ain’t ever gonna happen! they’re both one-offs born in their own time, and only alife has got close to replicating their success but still nowhere near. I go to Margin regularly for my store and have done since day one. perhaps you should have done also. over the years i’ve got in early on uk streetwear brands like supremebeing dephect and lazy oaf who are all competing successfully on a worldwide scale and go great guns in store. If you like Second Son & Trapstar why don’t you stock them on your website? they have a great rep but personally, as a retailer, I’m not interested in stocking a brand that takes part in sample sales like the Reset or sells on their own websites. if they ever decide to take wholesaling seriously and knock the sample sales on the head and do a show like Margin, i’ll look at stocking them and i know it’s the same situation with other buyers i talk to at the shows. We’re fed up with brands undercutting retailers by selling their goods cheaper on their own websites.

    how do you know all brands want is to make a quick killing in topman?? can’t imagine any brand admitted that and unless you be a superhero, doubt you read minds! i picked up on some great labels at the shows who are passionate about building their brand and placing it in good stores only (and not selling through their own websites thankfully).
    Don’t take offence but you seem to have some seriously strong opinions about UK streetwear for the owner of a website selling some ink and a couple of widely-available american hat brands.

  • John

    the reset is not a sample sale, it’s a showcase for uk streetwear brands, although they sell to members of the public it is at full retail price. margin seems far more mainstream to me – aimed more at high street stores than specialist streetwear shops.. I have nothing against brands selling on their own websites – most of them do it, even the biggest uk streetwear brands like addict – but they cut their own throats in the long run if they undercut the retailers they are wholesaling to.
    you can keep your pessimism about a new stussy or supreme, they’re old now, the time is ripe for something new!