Emerica – Wild In The Streets of London

Emerica footwear bring their ‘Wild in the streets’ skateboarding event to London’s famous South Bank skate spot on June 20th, in support of the UK skateboard scene.

For those that might be unaware, Wild In The Streets is an event aimed to develop, aid and strengthen the skateboarding community throughout the world. In many places skateboarding is seen as an act of vandalism and is often oppressed by the masses. Skateboarding has played a massive part in my life so when ever an event such as this comes around i must support it.

This years event see’s Emerica splitting up and heading out to four different locations around the world to help raise awareness and money to go towards that areas needs, one of these locations happens to be London. Why London you ask, well, London is home to one of the worlds most iconic street skate spots, South Bank. Due to corporate investment the spot has reduced in size slowly over the last few years, skateboarding is being squeezed out of South Bank which is a massive shame for not only the skateboarders but also the hundreds of tourists that take up audience to experience one of the unique features the South Bank has to offer. This Sunday, the 20th, is your and our chance to claim back South Bank. Check out the flyer below for further details.

In its reduction South Bank lost most of its skate-able space leaving the skaters of London with a fraction of the room there once was,  a couple of years ago the spot was blessed with the installation of a handful of concrete blocks – but after countless skate sessions these blocks are in need of a revamp, and this is the cause of Wild in the Streets of London. The awareness and money raised will go towards brand new skate-able sculptures just like the one pictured below. This will not only improve the area aesthetically but will also bring the iconic skate spot a new lease of life. To get involved and to be kept updated with this weekends events check out the Facebook page right here.

The day before the event at South Bank (19th June), Slam City Skates will be throwing an Emerica Skate team signing with a healthy handful of Emerica skaters, check out the flyer below to see if your favourite skateboarder will be in attendance.

All i have left to say is GET INVOLVED! Help save a truly iconic skate spot.

Jamie Szulc

One of three co-founders of THE DAILY STREET, Jamie specialises in menswear and is currently Footwear Account Manager at Fred Perry.

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