Nike x Tank N98 Muse

Nike have teamed up with 6 of the UKs most exciting young fashion designers and sports figures to create a rather unique project based on the Nike N98 jacket. The final results are something else …

The N98 jacket pays homage to the original track jacket that Nike designed for the 1998 Brazil football squad, part of the debut Nike Brazil national kit. Standing for “National 1998″, the jacket is rich in sport heritage and recently having been revamped in some tech new Nike materials and technologies, it is also at the forefront of sporting fashion. Makes sense really that this was the focus piece of this concept collection.

Incorporating 6 of the most talented young UK designers and 6 of the UKs finest up-and-coming sports personalities, this collection is full of youth and life. Listing all of the sportsmen and sportswomen’s achievements would make this post stupidly long, but to select a few highlights how about Danny Care (England & Harlequins scrum half), Harry Aikines-Aryeetey (a sprinter who runs 100m in 10.10 seconds) or maybe Ashlee Nelson (world junior sprint silver medelist & a fashion student … nice touch).

Just like each individual sportsman, each jacket is completely unique and this is a great testament to the talent of the designers and their ability to transform a strong personality into a fashion form.

Peep the pics below and see if you can pick a personal favourite … it’s not easy! The comments from the designers should help. (Mine is the knitted jacket by SIBLING and the Blue jacket by Felder Felder).

Felder Felder x Ashlee Nelson:

“We are known for our play on hard and softly constructed clothing and wanted to bring to life the royal cool of the 2012 Olympics, and make the garment part of a victory moment but with added femininity. We wanted to create a lot of volume, but in a soft way, and obviously with Ashlee being a sprinter we wanted to have movement in the garment shown by the extended draping fabric.”

Katie Eary x Martyn Rooney:

“I was looking at the whole idea of an athlete, of perfection, and I thought about muscle which led me to the snake – which is essentially just a muscle. So I took the N98 jacket and kept all of the core elements keeping the skeletal structure and took away the flesh, adding my snake print upon the final piece with plastic scales in certain places across the garment.”

Julian J Smith x Jodie Williams:

“I wanted it to exude a winning attitude and to have these enhanced shoulders that give an uplifted quality.  It’s about that moment when you’ve won gold. Jodie’s a sprinter so I wanted it to have a really dynamic feel, I was thinking about Japanese Manga.”

Tim Soar x Danny Care:

“The immediate thought was to make something desirable and iconic that would still fulfill the function of being sportswear. Leather is a technical fabric, it breathes and has movement, so applying the idea of a leather tracksuit to the N98 Jacket sprung to mind”

Hannah Marshall x Charlotte Purdue:

“The dress uses the same kind of concept as the A/W10 collection, which is based on body modification with lots of slashes and cut-outs. I used six N98 jackets, reconstructed them so the zip leads down the back instead of the front like the original jacket. I played around with remolding into a really body-con style that retains a sports fabric but is more movement-restrictive in its design – introducing a direct juxtaposition to Charlotte’s discipline.”

SIBLING x Harry Aikines-Aryeetey:

“Sibling always has some sort of skull, bright colours and patterns, and the image of running skeletons seemed perfect for a sprinter, so we knitted it.”

Photography: Errol Rainy
Styling: Chloe Kerman
Courtesy of Tank Magazine

Alex Synamatix

One of three co-founders at THE DAILY STREET, Alex is our Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all TDS activity. Outside of TDS, Alex is a respected creative in his own right, from art directing club nights (comm•une) to consulting for some of the largest global brands.

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