1ina100 AW10 Collection

Introducing 1ina100, a fresh new brand to spring out of London, launching with an impressive collection of 10 limited t-shirts.

It’s not too often that a new brand introduces themselves to the market with such professionalism and quality that has been shown by new London brand 1ina100 … and it’s a more than pleasant surprise. Launching with a collection of 10 high quality t-shirts, each limited to 100 copies, hand numbered and signed by the artists, 1ina100 have set of to a very good start!

The concept behind the brand is to work with local talented young artists and give them a new media for them to showcase their work in the form of a limited t-shirt. Hand printed using a silkscreen technique right here in the UK, each bespoke manufactured cotton tee is an item to cherish.

1ina100 is a brand that I will be watching very closely over the next few years and I’m predicting that they will be very big in a very small amount of time. This becomes more evident when you notice that they are already being stocked in stores such as B Store. It’s only a mater of time before this brand is recognised on a much much larger scale. With plans in the pipeline to create more city sub-brands (including Tokyo and New York) that will each focus on their local artists and art scenes, developing their own character and personality, I’m excited to watch the brand unfold.

You can get your hands on one of the tees from their 1st collection for roughly £40 from B Store, Lik + Neon and Atoo (from Monday).

James Kirkup …



Freddy Taylor …

From Britain:

Nina Lilliebjerg-Heder …


Matt Ritson …

The Eye:

Jason Devine …

Sad World:

Isosceles Dancer:

Felix Melia …

Two Wings:


Search by Night:

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  • Josh

    These are so dope!

  • Dan

    Nice, but £40? Rassss I thought TMP was over priced!