Baby Milo Halloween Tee’s By Bape


I always forget about Halloween, maybe because its my least favourite holiday and to be honest its not even really a holiday over here but still, i think i’ve found a reason to like it, brands use it as an excuse to release limited prints and designs – awesome!

Bape have unleashed two Halloween prints ready for the 31st utilising that ever popular cheeky chap Baby Milo, switched up and dressed in costume hanging out with fellow Bape characters in similar scary attire. I am not the worlds biggest fan of Bape, but this time i have to admit i really like these. If i was a fan of Bape and of Halloween, i would definitely cop these.

Available right now from the Bape London store and online at

Jamie Szulc

One of three co-founders of THE DAILY STREET, Jamie specialises in menswear and is currently Footwear Account Manager at Fred Perry.

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  • Bossman75

    I agree, Halloween is really not embraced here like in the States. I used to still dec out the house and carve jack o’lanters but no one would ever come and appreciate it so it killed the fun for me. I do like the special releases that have come out over the years, Bape, Stussy, Nike, all sorts have done really nice pieces. I think being 34 that a Milo tee is probably a little too young for me now ha!