Debut James Blake Album Single ‘Limit To Your Love’


Just when we all thought James Blake was hitting an all time high in regards to his music, he goes and blows us all out of the water! This cover of Feist’s ‘Limit to your love’ is set to be the first single from Mr. Blake’s highly anticipated debut album.

I remember when I heard rumours around the beginning of James Blake’s career that a large chunk of vocals on his tunes were his own. I say rumour, I was told it as a solid fact, but it felt like a rumour as it was so hard to believe. For the first time, we see James take centre stage and announce his powerfully soulful voice to the world. Definitely one of the best voices to be discovered this century … and this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Check out the video below, which is amazing. It’s not an easy job trying to visualise the deep emotive sounds of James Blake’s music, especially this track, but director Martin de Thurah pulls it off very well. Expect to see the single released on 8th November via James Blake’s new label Atlas Records.

Get the tissues out and prepare to cry in a mixed field of emotions …

Alex Synamatix

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  • B.I.G

    Are you gay for him? He’s been on the fringes since his Xfactor shame when he didn’t make the bootcamp at the manchester auditions. Louie wanted to put him through as well!


  • Hosta

    Are you serious?

    James Blake is fast emerging as one of the best new artists to hit the scene recently. Why are you crying about X Factor you asshat?!

    I love it when people jump in like they know what they are talking about and instead are actually makin themselves look like absolute mugs.

    Google is your friend 😉