BAKE Designs F/W 2010

Back in March I had the pleasure of introducing a brand that has gone on to become one of my favourite T-shirt brands in the UK, BAKE Designs. Now, BAKE returns with a collection of new T-shirt designs, featuring the strong graphic identity that the brand has become known for.

The new collection features 5 tees with the addition of a very special 6th (more on that in a moment), in black, white and navy blue. The Scroll (white/infrared and black/white) and Big B (white/black) tees feature simple but strong BAKE branding, while the Hate (navy/gold) and Shark Week (black/white) tees inject a little of the comic value that followers of the brand have come to know and love, picking up where the Intentions and Pugs Not Drugs tees left off with the last drop. The 6th tee is a special infrared make-up of the Scroll tee, the ink for which has been painstakingly produced to be an exact colour match to the infamous Nike Air Max 90. The reason it’s so special, is that this tee is not available for purchase, only through entering a special competition, to be announced…

The F/W 10 Collection from BAKE Designs launches online this Friday (5th) at BAKE Designs. I definitely can’t pick my favourite, and would gladly take the whole lot (that may very well happen shortly). Bonus points are given for the Infrared colour match and naturally, the Shark Week reference. Keep your eyes peeled for news on that competition shortly, and check the collection below.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Alex85

    Why have your own brand then beg Supreme? Supreme is pretty much the new Von Dutch.

    No one wears Air Max 90 Infrareds anymore.

    Also Commonwealth in the US will probably sue for the hardest bite of a logo I’ve ever seen.

    PS I’m sick of spotty teenagers in Bristol begging everywhere but their own city.

  • Origimoz

    Quality. I’m Sold!

  • Rosy

    Alex, trapped in a little bubble are we. I don’t agree with anything you just said. This brand isn’t touching Supreme, Infrareds are still and always will be a sweet pair, you clearly haven’t noticed the current appeal for banners and spotty teenagers in Bristol?.. These are the freshest boys ive seen in a while.

  • Doc

    I really like this brand and don’t think is touching Supreme at all, designs are nice and clean and their doing their thing! quit hating.

  • Tom

    Whats the hat in the first pic on the guy on the right?

  • Synamatix

    Acapulco Gold 69ers Snap Back from their SS10 collection. You may want to check some of their recent AW10 collection for some similar stuff.

  • Alex85

    Look I said nothing about it being ‘like Supreme’. Re-read it before you comment. Makes you look foolish.

    These guys need to come up with something new. Matching colourways on your trainers to your t-shirt is pathetic. You aren’t Chingy or a toddler. Its beyond boring. A foundation Art & Design merit doesn’t mean you are a fashion designer.

    And Bristol is full of spotty kids in pin rolled Carhartt jeans, Footlocker 90’s and a wacky, crazy, RIP J Dilla T, listening to Dubstep.

  • J

    Brand has some nice tees but this shoot is poor. Can’t be showcasing other brands items, not even like they are doing it casually, the supreme cap is being pulled down to show the box logo, kind of bait.

  • Me

    Alex? You seem to be a pesimist, i think the modern day term may be rarseclat? Show some love.

  • PandaPop

    Ahahaha Lookbook is poor and brand is all a re hash but still there doing there thing. FAIR PLAY. I want to know what your repping ALEX85? Converse and a crop top?

  • Spotty Bristol Kid

    Hate is the new Love

  • Dan

    @Alez85, you’re too much bruv. haha, my ribs are hurting!

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