Bape x Stussy ‘Survival of the Fittest’

Street wear giants Bape and Stussy get together to produce the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ collection, the first batch drops this weekend at the London flagship store.

The collection i feel is fittingly titled as we see two giants of street wear come together and state to the world that they have survived the trend changes, and still stand tall as the fittest in the game. Considering the design (and money) power that these two brands possess i am personally a little disappointed by this collection, the fusing of the famous Bape camo with the inconic  skull and bones Stussy logo is of course a good thing to see but in terms of fashion forward thinking which both are known for i feel it is a poor effort by both parties. On the other hand i am sure those out there that buy Bape will lap this up and not mind spending money anywhere in between the £65 – £555 price tags.

For the Bape and Stussy heads, all seen here is out this weekend in very limited quantities from Bape London store and Bape online.

Jamie Szulc

One of three co-founders of THE DAILY STREET, Jamie specialises in menswear and is currently Footwear Account Manager at Fred Perry.

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