Nike Air Max 1 ACG Pack

This release see’s a triple offering of Air Max 1’s inspired by Nike’s ACG range. It’s a combination of two big time design fundamentals in the history of Nike, which both have cult like followings.

The idea of an ACG inspired Air Max 1 is a welcome one. The colour-ups are decent, coming in some vibrant choices and also a more toned down choice. Personally I think the black is the pick of bunch and provides a good alternative to the Patta collab if you missed out on those.

It’s quite fustrating that the choice of materials doesn’t quite represent what Nike’s ACG line is about. Taking into account that that synthetic suede has been used on the AM1 over the last year or so and with the AM1 becoming such a british summer favourite, maybe it’s a nod towards the AM1 instead. It leaves the question of why did Nike not use this oppurtunity to combine the AM1 silhouette with some rugged ACG materials instead? (‘Storms’ spring to mind) It’s just what we need at the minute and these don’t really like they’re going to be holding up in the current weather conditions.

This release definitely has the good and bad hanging in balance, it’s a shame that these make-ups will be perfect for the summer but not so much for the winter, where the ACG line works so well.

Available to pre-order from Crooked Tongues now.

Chris Benfield

Chris is a multi-disciplinary designer working across editorial, print, identity and digital for a variety of industries. Previous clients include Nike, PUMA, Dazed & Confused and Boxfresh.

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  • Geoff

    totally agree…..colour ups are decent but wtf is this to do with ACG? Come on Nike stop pulling BC crossovers that are meaningless.

  • Christopher David Adams Jr

    oooh contravertial, your never gonna get the “good hook-up” border-line dissing Nike. But i guess your pretty much right, they don’t really “do” what it says on their “tin”, but they are fairly rad. However, we have got a billion millets worthy trainer/boot cross-overs at the moment. my favourite being the DVS Militia Snow boot, they have the cutest little diamontes on the tongue. just what you need when your going for that ultra-butch lumber jack look.

    Your write ups are getting very colloquial these days boys.

  • Geoff

    I think that’s the point…They’re not in any way, shape or material “ACG”. They’re just some decent AM1’s so why bother calling them ACG’s?

  • Bossman75

    Pre Ordered mine this past weekend (Blue/White). Actually missed this post first time round. Happy boy.

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  • Eddie Ruxton

    Do you know if these are still available anywhere? (the black/green) I crave these shoes even more than I crave the Campus’. Thanks :)