Tweaker x Carhartt x Your Skate Shop!

Tweaker and Carhartt have joined up to collaborate with five of the best skate stores in the UK today. This special collaboration has SS20, Fifty Fifty, Switch, Bored and Slam City all involved and sees the release of a t-shirt from each store, with one simple and brillaint concept in mind, the “Birds Of Britain”.

Each design is printed on 100% cotton t-shirts and has been design by Rob Mathieson. The designs are based on the areas that the five skate stores are located in, which ties into the ‘Birds of Britain’ idea perfectly. The concept works so well with unique aesthetics and visual wit playing a huge part in the designs. It’s a great project and a nod of respect to the UK skate scene, which is a pleasure to see.

Available from SS20, Fifty Fifty, Switch, Bored and Slam City now.


Fifty Fifty



Slam City

Chris Benfield

Chris is a multi-disciplinary designer working across editorial, print, identity and digital for a variety of industries. Previous clients include Nike, PUMA, Dazed & Confused and Boxfresh.

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