bStore x Baracuta SS11 jackets

For this years Spring/Summer two thoroughly British brands have come together to create a three jacket collection. There are few brands who’s styles have identified an era quite like Baracuta; when I say Harington jacket there is no doubt that you’ll start thinking of skinheads, ska, punk and so on. One word, Iconic. So when they come together with relative newcomers (2001) bStore, who’s whole identity has been forged from reworking classics, you know something decent will come out of it.

The collection features two Harrington jackets, one of which being a bleached denim rework (for the first time ever), which almost brings with it a James Dean vibe, and the other Harrington is the double-layer poplin check. As stated, this 50’s feel coming from the bleached denim model is perfect for a throw on jacket to accompany your finest Mocc toe boots. Need an excuse to carry on your workwear garms into the warmer months? You just found it.

Steering away from the Harringtons, last but by no means least we have my favourite design from the two camps, the Ramsey jacket in a stone waxed cotton. The reshaping of this classic basically translates to oversizing it slightly to bring a more contemporary silhouette to todays market. This change in my opinion is a good move on both brands parts, I sometimes feel that jackets like this need a touch more on the length to take the look to the next level, and as far as I can see this has been well and truly sorted.

All styles will be available from bStore, Baracuta and Asos very soon at around the £300 mark.

James Clothier

James is a freelance photographer. As well as being a talent behind the lens, James also has a passion for Menswear.

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