VA-G SS11 Collection Preview (Video)

I’m the first to admit I’ve never been the biggest fan of VA-G’s work, but when I saw this video preview of their upcoming Spring/Summer collection, I wanted to give you a chance to have your say.

The brand has always positioned themselves somewhere between streetwear and high fashion, but that, in my opinion, has lead to the brand’s actual direction becoming lost in translation. Their line of tees and sweats presents nothing out of the ordinary (the brand’s recent collection for G-Shock East shows no real progression graphically from their earliest screen printed wears), and personally, I think it dilutes their over all message. The brand’s cut & sew is what gets the most attention, particularly in the UK hip hop/grime scene, and rightly so, it definitely IS something different.

The new collection comes from a military inspiration, and includes sweatshirts with additional zips and leather patches, drop-crotched denim, jackets and shirts (and also a few items for the girls), but I’m just not sure how ‘wearable’ this stuff actually is. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below – is it all a bit over the top, or are VA-G leading the way for independent designers in the world of streetwear. Lookout for the new collection this month at VA-G.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Dave

    Don’t know why you bothered to publish this. This brand has not progressed since they started, if anything it’s gone backwards.

  • Ashton

    Soooo hot, absolutely love it!!!

    Keep up the great work VAG,

    Ashton (JLS)

  • Mags

    Looks Good!

  • Talll One

    i don’t understand anything. just cuz you have canerows doesnt mean its streetware lol.
    its all a bit disrespectful i think – charlatans puttin zips on stuff with raybands and pauper boots?
    why do they think its cool to send you a pic of pubes and soiled jeans?

    but i digress

    im just saying it would be good if brands made stuff they like and not stuff theyve been told to like.

    Tall One (JLS)

  • thread

    firstly i would like to commend suffocake for his tactful post on this one!

    as always it is a matter of personal preference, this is the first i have seen of this brand…personally i am not compelled to follow the link.
    for me (sorry VA-G), i have never been a fan of drop-crotches, the crew in particular is over the top, the zip obviously serves no purpose whatsoever and the graphic of the two zips that would also serve no purpose whatsoever just compound the fact that…well…im not a fan of bells and whistles! its over the top, lets just say if a mate of mine met me down the pub wearing this he would get RINSED!

    I understand that this is someones project u know someone has put their time and effort into this so for them i think this is something that would fly off the shelves in BANK or topshop etc. and appeal to a lot of people, looking right at home in a jls video for example. this is what they should go for if they get a foot in the door they could do well for themselves!
    or if they want to shy away from the mainstream, focus on the hiphop/grime scene up the quality limit the numbers made.
    i think if they try to pursue followers of the daily street it aint gonna work.

    suffocake raises a good point, if they are going to progress, they need to figure out where they as a brand are heading.

    to sum up my feelings on this one let me quote one of my favourite brands;
    ‘luxury is not the grand gesture, but the simple things done well’-N.P.


    Am a fan of this post; Suffocake is bang on with this one.
    VA-G’s fit seems to be on target, although the garments themselves
    for the main slice are on the rubbish side. On the word ‘rubbish’, to elaborate –
    fixed up out of leftovers, they look like McGyver’s tools (i.e. doing the job of keeping
    you warm and comfortable, appear to be rapidly conceived), or just uninspired..
    So, not a fan momentarily. Overdo on the brand focus on the printing.

    There’s things i do like already – that’d be the denim on first looks. Apart from the look of the leather or polyester-combined drop-crotch, there’s a practical wearability bonus point for walkers among us. From personal experience, the fabric will limit shaving of the inner leg, preventing wounding. Dropped crotches also make older people and trend-oblivious douches go frantic as they don’t understand why and get upset – PREMIUM. Thin stitches on the side, small coin pocket looking like one of those money pouches with a thick strip of leather-looking.. i like!

    Just like they crew up above said, and Suffocake, the brand needs to evolve in terms of actual style and direction, and also wearability in fashion terminology. If they dare, and combine it with daring to think more, i see this brand becoming one to look out for consistently.

    Just as it was quoted before me, things done well lead to luxury products. Hopefully VA-G extends that through the line.

    Anyhow, great post, well chosen and written as always. BIGUPS.