1990’s vintage snapback caps

The finest in sourcing high quality vintage dead stock goods Zone7Style again strikes some headwear gold. A small collection of 1990’s dead stock snap back caps.

I am a massive fan of decent vintage clothing, especially when it comes to headwear and snap backs from the fresh prince era! Here we have some superb conditioned examples of 1990’s headwear sourced out and found by Zone7Style, what makes Zone7 different from the rest of vintage suppliers is that they only stock the best quality of garments unlike the more ‘high street’ vintage suppliers that just fill their stores with a load of old crap. Zone7 however have an extensive list of contacts that is always growing – growing along with the amount of dope vintage garments they hand pick (ensuring the highest possible quality) on their travels.

Back to the caps and here we have the usual favourites such as the Raiders cap, old school west Coast vibes perfect for the sun we are currently getting here in the UK. The black and orange colour way of the Syracuse Orange Men cap is very dope and again perfect for the summer months ahead. the Redskins logo is also an instant favourite of mine, not sure why, i think like the Raiders logo it’s just one of those teams logos that always gets a second look. Lets face it though, the highlights here have to be the all leather caps shown last, so 90’s it hurts and if you ask me very very dope. I prefer the Charlotte Hornets colour way personally who’s logo i have always thought was cool. Again i really like the black and orange colour way but when the hat is leather i feel that’s enough to get noticed in itself – is the all leather and then black and orange colour way a bit too much?? Maybe i am wrong, maybe it’s just me but saying that how can i knock 1990’s vintage all leather caps?? All in all very fresh!

Available now from Zone7Style.

Jamie Szulc

One of three co-founders of THE DAILY STREET, Jamie specialises in menswear and is currently Footwear Account Manager at Fred Perry.

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