Tender Denim for Goodhood


UK denim brand Tender have hooked up with Goodhood to create an exclusive pair of jeans that boast high quality design, ingenuity and clever detailing.

William Kroll, Founder of Tender has created a winning combination of design aesthetic and durability in a market that tends to sway to either a traditional approach or the high street seasonal trend. The denim itself is some seriously heavy stuff, weighing in at 16oz and of course hailing from the motherland of quality denim, Japan. Taking a look at the seams, the jeans are neither single nor double stitched but triple stitched to further reinforce them, suggesting that the jeans are appropriate for the heaviest of work wear.

The pockets are cut square, which is a nice feature as any denim head will know the pockets will naturally sag into scoops after carrying the likes of keys, wallets and phones. They’re also reinforced with selvedge calico to make sure they don’t wear through anytime soon. There’s a watch pocket labelled as a ‘snobs thumb’ pocket – I’ve never heard the term before but I’m sure it’s in reference to the traditional tailoring of an English gent for a convenient thumb ‘rest’.

These jeans are the Type 130, a slim straight long jean intended to be worn with turn ups and in a simple rinse wash exclusive for Goodhood. Extremely limited and guaranteed to be ‘seriously good’, the jeans are available at Goodhood now for £235.00.

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