Recap: Umbro New York Cosmos Collection Launch Party


Last week I ventured down to a secret location in the heart of Shoreditch to celebrate the launch of Umbro’s New York Cosmos collection and I gotta say, there was plenty of flavour!

Before even entering the event you had a feel that Umbro had gone all out on their ’70s theme with some guy chilling on the corner blaring old school funk from his boombox and a retro NYC cop car flashing it’s lights away opposite; the theme was set. Stepping inside and things just got more crazy – bust drains with steam poring out of them, an old school hotdog cart, salt beef bagels, OG graffiti, early hip-hop on the decks, vintage signs and retro newspaper dispensers. As I mentioned earlier, Umbro went to town with the theme. As if all of this wasn’t enough, there were even hired actors and actresses, dressed in the correct style of the era, busting old New York accents and strolling around chatting to people!

Off to the side in a US-style changing room was the collection itself. Created to celebrate the re-launch of one of America’s most iconic football teams (or soccer if you want to call it the wrong name), the New York Cosmos. Huge in the ’70s, the team are coming back with a big push and big backing from the likes of Umbro. I’m not a huge football fanatic so I won’t go much further on that, however I know my garms and this collection is pretty rad. Kept clean and simple, it’s full of training jackets and retro football tops, with the training jackets in particular being a strong highlight. Great cuts, great materials and crisp colours. Not overdone either, which is nice.

Anyway, more detailed info on the collection coming very soon. For now, enjoy the pics below …

Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-02 Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-03 Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-04 Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-05 Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-06 Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-07 Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-08 Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-09 Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-10 Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-11 Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-12 Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-13 Umbro-New-York-Cosmos-Collection-Launch-Party-London-14

Alex Synamatix

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  • rob

    no matter what they try umbro never looks good :(