Introducing: Utile Clothing

Here at The Daily Street we are always on the look out for new brands and when we find one that we think is worthy of talking to you about, we make sure we do just that. Ladies and mostly gents, we introduce to you Utile Clothing …

Utile Clothing focuses on designing clothing with integrity, ensuring a great deal of attention is placed upon fabric choice, construction and functionality – a process more familiar with product design rather than clothing. This might be why I am drawn to Utile clothing? I have to admit that I can’t comment on fit, not yet anyway, but I can comment on the detail of the shirting seen here. The second to top button has finally been placed close enough to the top button, ensuring a clean and tighter appearance to the way the collar sits. Plus, with the added elegance of the penny collar, the shirting over all from Utile has just enough details to separate them from other shirting collections.

The collection here is small, but it is still a stand out collection compared to other home grown brands. Influences here clearly come from the more tailored side of the work wear movement, with an outdoor military twist that shines through the ‘Jules’ Jacket (shown above). Each garment is handmade in England, which will most likely explain the prices, but price is personal preference – as is wanting to wear a brand that celebrates style in a very thought through, understated and considered manner.

Over all, for the market that Utile is aiming at, they tick every box. More than just following trends or producing a line of printed tees, we have a well thought out collection of English made cut and sew pieces that will stand the test of time and will stand alone as design staples for a Man’s wardrobe. Something that for a brand’s first attempt is a brave thing to kick things off with.

For more information on Utile Clothing, head over to their website. Also, check out the first of a series of interviews that the Utile guys have filmed, featuring some of the industry’s most fashionable and influential figures.

Jamie Szulc

One of three co-founders of THE DAILY STREET, Jamie specialises in menswear and is currently Footwear Account Manager at Fred Perry.

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