Victate Summer ’11 Mainline Preview

One of my favourite things about working with small, UK brands, is watching them grow – seeing how they progress with every release, watching them gain increasing recognition for their work, and witnessing how they feed that growth and recognition back into the brand to take things even further. One brand that this definitely applies to is Victate, who have given us a little preview of what to expect from them for Summer ’11, with their Mainline collection.

I first picked up on what Victate had been doing in November last year. Since then, the brand have completed their three part Autumn/Winter collecton, comprised of various graphic tees and sweats, and have gone on to try a few new things for Summer. The first change customers will notice, is the move from 160gsm cotton tees, to a 215gsm body for better wear, fit and comfort. I think it’s a good move for the brand, and I’m sure when you get the chance to see one of the new tees up close, you will to.

For Summer, Victate present 4 new graphic tees, and the addition of a couple of new artists, means this lot has a bit of extra artistic flair. The animal-inspired croc and feather tees are a nice little concept, but the intricate illustration on the Certificate tee is my personal highlight, printed in red on a white tee, and complete with tonal sleeve branding and inside label. They also bring back their Heritage design on black and white tees, which is a great, clean and simple graphic.

The brand also give us a look at what to expect from this Summer’s Private Stock collection, with two Liberty ‘Phoebe’ Floral pocket tees, crafted by hand, and featuring hand-screened monogram lining inside each pocket. The tees are a limited edition of 50, and serve the Victate customer looking for something a little more exclusive in their purchase.

I’m really impressed with what the brand have created for this season. The expansion of the line into three separate ranges (Mainline, Private Stock, and a new range of simple, everyday basics called ‘Life’) is a huge step, and will see the brand compete with those on a much larger scale. It’s strong graphically, features improved quality, and has hit the branding spot on, and I have no doubt that a lot of UK brands will start looking to Victate for inspiration.

Look out for the Summer collection online at Victate soon, but for now, check out some previews below.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Iris

    Hmm..not sure about the croc print thing..The Liberty pockets are the best though.

  • Dajaz1

    Feather print and liberty pockets looks dope.. That croc print is not my kinda thing

  • K

    Feathers is the nicest I reckon

  • Tom Breaks

    The fit of the t shirts looks WAY off. Sleeves too long and body too short??? NOBODY is shaped like that

  • T^oby

    First two Tees looking dope…don’t know where it went wrong for the rest of them.
    Keep it simple, otherwise good job.

  • man

    i’ve got the majority of these tee’s and trust me the fit is nice

  • terry123tibbs

    I’m liking all of these,
    the shape looks on point too i hate when sleeves are too short

  • D

    Need to see these in real life, but im sure the fit is spot on Tom Breaks, these guys know what they are doin! I wonder what else they will add, love it tho

  • rob

    Tom is right, the shape of the t shirts look reallyyy odd

  • Girl

    I don’t quite see how these designs come together. I mean there isn’t an underlying theme here. :S


    @ GIRL there is no underlying theme for the whole range, the Heritage is just the Heritage always gonna be there, the certificate is a celebratory piece much like the One Year Anniversary tee from A/W ’10 the Croc and the Feathers are nature based and the Liberty tees are Private Stock and a look to the future.

  • http://dondada don

    yh class range aside from the croc print and feathers.

  • Will

    I’ve bought a Victate tee in the past and I trust me, the fit is fine. In fact I was really surprised by the comfort and the quality of the tee and the printing which really stands out. I’m feeling the feathers and the certificate, you can see the original sketches of the certificate on the site, Victate have a lot of respect for their customers.


    ^ So bait that 99% of those coments are the ‘brand’ what an embarrassment to the UK…Brink back A.IN.T!

  • J

    Haha Catfish, as soon as I saw 14 comments I wanted to come in and say that exact same thing. T-Shirts are unoriginal, branding is shit, like 90% of everything else coming out of the UK.

  • V

    my fav are the croc print and liberty ones.

    oh and imo the fact that victate already has haters just shows how successful theyve become. where theres haters theres double the supporters!

  • leicester’s own

    all the shirts apart from the pocket ones are dope…feeling the brand but they need more diversity. anybody can basically see that there’s a box in which they just put a print on the t-shirt. they should add a little surprise to it

  • Benny

    I agree, terrible brand and I can only assume the Daily Street post this shit due to a lack of decent UK content.

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  • m-a

    How to order?