Whyme London SS11 Lookbook

London based Whyme drop a new collection for Spring/Summer 2011, and with it, a nice, bright lookbook, displaying the new product, along with a few of their previous releases.

The big noise this drop is the brand’s new snapback cap. The turquoise/black snapback features a coloured body with black peak, and black embroidered branding on the front and side – a really nice piece, if maybe a little too bright for my tastes. The rest of the collection includes the white or grey Embroidered Crest tee (shown above), and the tattooed Nautical Girl design on tees and a vest (although the latter does have a hint of Giant/REBEL8).

It’s clear to see that the brand have grown a great deal since we first picked up on them, and all in all, this is a nice little package. The new items are available now from Whyme London.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Benny

    Another UK brand regurgitating US style designs and clothing. Where do these brands hope to be in a few year’s time?

  • man

    wereva the new york style is now


    agree with Benny….. not necessarily pinning all this on Whyme, its maybe more of a general observation. to be honest there is a lot of brands jumping on various bandwagons….. Which I don’t necessarily mind, but I would just like to see a bit more originality and subtlety with some of the drops I’ve seen lately. Yeah its street/work wear and your brand is new, but that doesn’t automatically equate to slapping a box logo everywhere.

    There is a lot of talk about what constitutes a clothing line these days, at its most basic form it seems you can call yourself a clothing designer after putting out a few tees and snapbacks. I don’t see anything wrong with it personally, but as i said I’d like to see newer brands come with something a bit different rather than just obviously sitting around watching whats hot at the moment then rolling out their own weakly thought through interpretation.

    There is a proliferation of stuff at the moment, and its either going to swiftly peak and drop off, or go in a different direction. I encourage the work ethic and the way people can get up and do their own thing, however times like this will quickly separate the crap from the quality, and in a year’s time we shall see who is around and who isnt.

    Brands shouldn’t be afraid to fail though, if you don’t make mistakes then you will never try anything new.
    If you stick at something then realistically it should be a good few seasons or drops anyway before you mature and find your feet and come into your own with what your range is offering stylistically and aesthetically.

  • hunter

    that logo is i think almost exactly the same as ONLY NY

  • Dan

    moody as fuck

  • Bossman75

    It’s gotta be hard not to bring influences into your own brand’s designs, especially when you start. And it makes sense to have a taste of something you are a fan of already and therefore likely other people will be too. Get’s your foot in the door so to speak.

    Bring it with a twist is all you can do and then evolve and be your own identity. Come out the blocks as something brand spanking new never seen before and you are taking a huge risk. It’s not a question of integrity, or biting, it’s business savvy for a start. You get your shot, don’t fail before you get a chance to be seen.

    I like the tattoo chick tee a lot. Could I grab a Rebel8 version, of course I could. Could I see what this brand is trying to portray and where their hearts lay, yeah definitely so I want to support them.

    I get everything that’s been said on these comments, and you know what they say about opinions, mine is the right one and everyone else is an ass hole. Or something along those lines?

    But really, it’s 2011 and from what I see in the UK no one is giving you a helping hand and this is real hard work so do it with smarts and good luck.

  • S.B.

    really liked reading the comments bossman75 and REALTALK posted, some great points and should also help not just this brand but others in the scene.

  • ng og

    please stop rolling up sleeves and using girls and shooting outside – seriously every1 of these gets worse!

    shoot outside if u want but honestly get those sleeves down!

  • theboss

    Definately some constructive criticism from people,
    personally I think this brand haven’t really thought about what they are trying to represent and a target market they are aiming for (although some will say you dont need a market) it is now 2011 and with so much variety and quality/shit it means that each brand needs to up their game, no longer can you just bust out some shirts and hats with no real meaning behind them….so yeah maybe a stronger message or images that have a basic theme to link them all, and maybe trying some other fonts…futura and arial is stale.

    Id like to see less illustrator/istockphoto.com images and more hand drawn images, personally I like seeing designs with something slightly out of place, it gives it a much more hands on appearance then seeing ANOTHER perfect, illustrator designed collection.

    I miss the days of A.IN.T with Charlie printing all his shirts in house or Second Son paving the way for clean classic designs, everything feels slightly saturated right now..

    on another note…
    where the hell is everyone getting their snapback suppliers??

  • A

    just got the tattoo girl tee delivered, im really impressed with the quality and the tee got here ridiculously fast. I realise rolling the sleeves up is a sort of trend at the moment, but the sleeves are quite wide on this tee so it makes a significant difference depending on your build.

    I agree with most of the comments here, what i will say is that if you compare previous collections, i think this drop is a step in the right direction and the brand is steadily improving. Personally, i would much rather a brand steadily improves over time and uses the successes and failures of each collection to point them in the right direction.

    Sure, they could have taken more risks by now, but theyre only a year old or whatever, give them time to test the water, whether theyre still around in another year or so will depend on their motivation and passion for the brand.

  • http://www.iebg.tumblr.com GC

    another predictable lookbook


    ‘A’ we all clocked you own this brand, drop the hype.

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