Air Jordan III ‘True Blue’ 2011 Retro

It’s only been two years since this Jordan Brand favourite got a reissue in the UK. Since then we’ve seen the Cement’s make a welcome return and there’s also the highly anticipated Black/Cement reissue later this year. Keeping up with the trend, Jordan Brand have decided to give the True Blue another reissue. This time around it’s a worldwide release, giving everyone who missed them two years ago and new comers alike, the chance to stock up.

As with the Cement reissue a couple of months back, JB have provided all the OG trimmings such as the original box, AJ III leaflet, tags and the ‘Cement’ patterned tissue paper. A good excuse to re-up on these holy grails for those who got stuck with the standard JB box last time (like you need an excuse anyway). Apart from a lighter more OG looking Cement print, nothing seems to have changed on these and you would be probably wise to expect the same quality as the Cement’s had from a few months back. It’s a shame Jordan Brand didn’t stick with the original catalogue image of this retro, which displayed the back of the tongue switched to red. That would of been as close to the original as you can get without a certain ‘Nike Air’ logo on the heel being in place.

Michael matched these up with his Wizards home and road uniforms back in the early 2000’s and proved once again, that this is just a timeless shoe that will always look good no matter how many years pass.

Available to pre-order over at Foot Patrol from Saturday 21st May.

Chris Benfield

Chris is a multi-disciplinary designer working across editorial, print, identity and digital for a variety of industries. Previous clients include Nike, PUMA, Dazed & Confused and Boxfresh.

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  • Mags

    the uk act like jordans just came out this year
    its pathetic, on facebook im seeing people taking pictures of their shoes and shit
    its cringing, but yeah these sneakers are dope regardless.

  • S.B.

    ^ co sign. where did the big hype come from all of a sudden?

  • Mags

    No idea, but people are acting like they’re thirsty and a grey jordan box is full with evian water bottles. for real, its embarassing, it makes us lot like we’re stuck in the past, i cant wait for the UK to get their own swag and hop off the yanks dick.
    but yeah.. these sneakers are dope regardless lol

  • S.B.

    im not a fashion icon or even stay up to date with the latest trends really. I just grew up wearing jordans and basketball trainers, because i played ball from like age 10. so wore mostly basketball clothes all day every day. in school people used to cuss me for wearing ‘moon boots’ etc etc. now same ones are telling me ‘i dont know about these exclusive jordans’


    True Blue 3s are sick, but they have been sick every time Nike have reissued them, which has been a lot in recent years.

  • Ckelly82

    Not taking anything away from mags comments but saying “were stuck on the past” and ” need to get their own swag” are two of the stupidest comments I’ve ever heard. Most people wear them because they remember them from when they were younger and now have the chance to cop , which they might not have done when they were 6 or 7. Wearing Jordan reissues is no different from wearing, air max 90s, adi shelltoes, puma clydes etc. As for getting our own swag, do you want us all to wear new balance and pointer shoes!!! Just my opinion

  • Mags

    Even if you wore new balance and point shoes, that still wouldnt be YOUR OWN SWAG. And most people wear jordans because its the in thing to do.

  • DDS

    Well said ckelly82!!!

  • future9

    Ckelly82 that a lie because its only people that played basketball hard that would remember jordans from youth everyone else was on reebok classics,puma’s nike’s or vans,i like looking into fashion but the jordan trainer has become liked through psychological social influence not because it looks “DOPE”,their not dope at all but most of them are really good to play ball in, even the biggest basketball players admit that most jordan’s arent good looking but they serve their purpose, be real

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