Deadstock Snapbacks

The snapback cap has taken off this year. They’ve been a popular choice for a while now, but lately it’s a rare day I step outside the house without seeing one or two from the usual suspects. If you’re looking for something a little more unique than the staple US brand options, Foot Patrol have just dropped a selection of deadstock US Sports snapbacks as a fresh alternative.

This is where it all started – whether it be NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB, the US sports team snapback cap has become a pretty iconic part of the streetwear legacy. Of course, this sort of thing is a little harder to come by now… well, the good ones anyway. Maybe the best thing about a piece of deadstock like this, is you’re pretty unlikely to bump into someone on the street with the same piece.

These won’t be around long, but hopefully the store will keep it up and raid their vaults for a different kind of deadstock in the months to come. The four pieces below (Washington Redskins, Superbowl XXX, Charlotte Hornets, and Phoenix Suns) are available in store at Foot Patrol now, if they haven’t been snagged already.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Chaka

    natterjacks had em 3 months ago…

  • RIQO