Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Ventile Bomber Jacket

At a time when everyone seems to be looking back through their archives and producing a heritage line, Fred Perry seem to have their formula pretty spot on – stick to the classics and change very little. Never straying too far from where they started, Fred Perry time after time manage to bring out garments that never go out of style and stay as a staple in the men’s wardrobe all year round. True British heritage.

This Summer the Laurel Wreath line from Fred Perry has produced these Ventile Bomber Jackets, sticking with the Iconic  bomber shape that you can see in countless photos of tennis players throughout the sport’s history. Coming in three colours (Royal blue, Maroon and 1964 Olive), these have the distinct heritage feel without looking as though they have tried too hard.

These are produced with a single layer of Ventile, which is a densely woven 100% cotton fabric produced here in the UK. Adopted by the R.A.F., this is a fabric known for its durability and weatherproofing, not to mention its breathability. In keeping with the historic look, they have opted to use the original Ventile neck label, which is a nice touch.

My favourite part has to be the Stewart tartan lining. Where the outside of the jacket is pretty understated and focused mainly on shape, the lining brings that extra pop that sets these apart from some of the others on the market.

You can pick these up from the Fred Perry website and in Fred Perry Laurel Wreath stores now for £195.

James Clothier

James is a freelance photographer. As well as being a talent behind the lens, James also has a passion for Menswear.

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  • BeatsBassNBears

    Great review of a great garment – absolute classic indeed! One of those things that looks just as cool on your grand-dad (and makes him look cool) as it does on your dad as it does on you. The tartan lining a nice touch too!