Jilted Royalty Paisley JR Logo T-Shirt

UK Brand Jilted Royalty freshen things up for Summer with a lighter, brighter take on their JR Logo tee. Coming in white this time, and using their bandana logo as inspiration, the tee features ‘JR’ lettering filled with a paisley pattern.

White isn’t a colour we see all too often from Jilted, but they’ve made it work, adding in a dash of purple around the lettering just to pick things up. As an owner, I can testify to the fit of the brands custom tees being one of the best, and my personal favourites for sizing and quality. This tee sold out almost immediately after going online just the other day, but I wanted to give it some air-time, as a way of promoting what the brand are doing right now.

Like JR’s other releases, this one was limited to 50 pieces, and we’re unlikely to see a re-run, but keep your eyes on Jilted Royalty for regular drops of other designs.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/robquinn360 rob


  • .sGs.

    yeh this drops big

  • The talk

    Is this a brand or about a guy who really wants to be famous.

    Not a fan weak designs over rated ard.
    Also mans killing starwars off!

  • http://www.twitter.com/BeatsBassNBears BeatsBassNBears

    I’ve never been a big fan of this brand for a host of reasons, but have to admit that this tee looks so freash, so clean, and really pops with that bit of purple. Looks soft enough to work “off the streets” but still very masculine and cool. Nice design, guys!

  • http://blog.bestkeptdesign.co.uk BKD

    Nice drop


    I dont think Jay has a strong enough persona to have a brand, its not like he’s benny gold or johnny cupcakes who people have seen their lifestyle, what inspired them etc… not a guy who models and thats it.

    personally I just would rather invest in No Mas, theres more history and ideology to this brand..