Urban Nerds Summer 2011 Lookbook

Club night heros Urban Nerds recently returned to the world of merchandise, printing up a whole heap of new designs onto tees, sweats and vests for the first time in four years.

I’ve always been a big fan of the iconic branding of the Urban Nerds crew – quite simply, that logo is dope. So, it’s nice to see them bring it back to clothing, and this time more expansive than ever before. Creating a whole collection of tees, sweats and vests for Summer 2011, the nerds have included Women’s garms for the first time ever. As per usual, the whole collection is limited edition and hand printed in the UK. For me, it’s a strong, clean collection that puts the logo to great use without overplaying it and uses a great colour palette for Summer.

Now that the Urban Nerds have ventured back into merchandise and fashion, I hope that this collection represents just the start of a developing story. With a logo that strong, there’s so many things to play on and I hope to see the Urban Nerds crew use this collection as a start point to move onto more out-there garments in the future. Let’s be honest … it’s about time that they made that bandana a real life thing, or applied that print to an all-over-print t-shirt, or even better a shirt, or a jacket lining. The ideas are well and truly flowing!

You can purchase the new collection from the brand spanking new Urban Nerds web store now.

Alex Synamatix

One of three co-founders at THE DAILY STREET, Alex is our Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all TDS activity. Outside of TDS, Alex is a respected creative in his own right, from art directing club nights (comm•une) to consulting for some of the largest global brands.

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  • TeddyBoy

    can it get any worse?

  • enKo

    Better than that crap DBD summer look book!

    Purple tee is sick.

  • NYsmile

    wud be alright if it wasnt so cliche smh

  • NXC

    Always loved their logo.

  • LIZA

    Loving the girls range – they have come a long way. x


    I like the colour range and new styles, Nerds have gone in HARD!

  • TeddyBoy

    oh please….

  • Stevie G

    not bad but to be fair teddy im buying the t’s not the look book they have done ok. keep it coming you nerds. just ordered the multi colour design. when can i get a bandanna??????


    Would have thought they’d do a shoot of people in the crowds at their nights wearing shirts, or hanging outside one of the events, something that shows what the brand is about…this doesnt say or do much for me.

  • enKo

    I would imagine they shot it in the day because from what I’ve seen of these tee’s they’re meant to be summer tee’s.

    And also the idea that it’s a clothing brand in it’s own right. Fair enough I think.


    So a summer festival shoot or something that coincides with them putting on music? seeing as the people who will be buying this brand are the people who go to their nights…and they’ve been churning these tees out for years now, so why is it suddenly a clothing brand? one second ..just trying…to climb on to….the passenger seat of this…clothing brand bandwagon

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  • Zoolander

    Chiiiill out… it’s a photo shoot, of course it’s a little cliched but it’s the best way to show off those sick new tees! I can tell you from now if the shoot was done at an event… they wouldn’t be looking so fresh and it would just appeal to a younger ‘raver’ crowd. Also to “THEBOSS” Slight contradiction there babe, saying ‘they’ve been churning these t-shirts out for years’ and ‘why is it suddenly a clothing brand’ …do the maths? Anyway there’s my bit to all this loose gassing business … Calm down dears.

  • K

    I would never wear anything that says “URBAN” on it