A.P.C Black Denim

The denim world has been worryingly quiet as of late. Maybe It should have been anticipated with all the larger brands preparing for their contributions to the next season? Quick off the mark with some incredible new pieces is A.P.C.

Famed for their ‘introduction to raw denim’ New Standard jean and slimmer Petit Standard, the brand are now introducing us to a fresh new reworked variety of the classic cuts … in black. Now it may be nothing revolutionary, but in its simplicity it is. The denim itself is not overdyed ink on raw indigo, but black denim. That means your jeans won’t fade from black to blue, but rather lighter and darker shades of noir. Of course, it’s all still selvedge raw denim … just black.

A.P.C have never been a brand to flow with seasonal trends on whim, their intention has always been to produce timeless apparel, proven by their range of denim becoming a staple inclusion in any denim head’s collection. It’s interesting to see the brand maintaining that integrity by not simply releasing high contrast-coloured denim often seen in every high street store amidst a sea of chinos, but creating high quality staple jeans to add to their reliable roster.

The new colour has been introduced to the New Standard and Petit Standard models and retails for £119 at End Clothing.

Petit Standard

New Standard

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