Folk Block Tees

Scottish brand, Folk, a long time favourite of  mine, have recently put out their latest block pocket tees and they’re looking as nice as ever. For me, the thing about Folk is the understated honesty in their clothing – simplicity and creativity merging into a wearable piece, whilst still maintaining enough detail to make it subtly striking (I am aware these two words don’t work together, however in the case of Folk, I’ll use them and I don’t care). The fits are great and the colour choices are always spot on, managing to merge seamlessly into any wardrobe, whether you’re into your snapbacks and Nikes or the more woodsman-esque workwear side of things.

This seasons block tees come in three options (grey/brass, navy/grey and red/grey) with my personal favourite being the grey/brass option. However, the other two are more than pleasing to the eye. They are made with 100% combed cotton melange yarn, which is dyed before spinning, making it a really soft touch. I’m not sure why, but add a pocket to a t-shirt and it’s better in my opinion, and I know a good few of you out there will agree with me. As if any of us actually use the pocket … but they are ascetically nicer.

All three are available now from OiPolloi for the sum of £60 each.

James Clothier

James is a freelance photographer. As well as being a talent behind the lens, James also has a passion for Menswear.

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  • Rob

    Yes, yes, these are smart!

  • future9




  • Troth

    £60 for these is disgusting, as nice as they are i imagine i could sweat holes through them.

  • Michael

    60 is steeeeep

  • Josh

    Folk is notoriously expensive but the materials used in their clothing and how they make the clothing really set it apart from most! Although i agree £60 is a bit much for a cotton tee shirt!