indcsn 5-panel caps

Indcsn follow up their recent drop of tees and vests with a set of 4 5-panel caps, available in two solid chino twill caps, and two striped oxford versions.

Indcsn are a UK brand that continue to impress me. Having launched only a little over a year ago, they progressed to produce their first pieces of headwear within 5 months, and have continued to develop their line throughout 2011. The four 5-panels are a nice addition to the tees and vests we’ve already seen this month, and com in a selection of light, summer colours. The solid chino twill caps come in khaki and a light blue, while the oxford options are available with charcoal or lilac/green stripes. The four caps are completed with ventilation holes on the side panels, a branded woven patch on the front, and a second woven tab in the fastening on the reverse.

Indcsn are producing headwear and apparel on par with some of the big boys, and in my opinion it’s only a matter of time before they start to compete on a global scale. The four caps are available now from Indcsn.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • lol

    Whats up with all these brands using the same italic futura font as a logo with some dumbass name. originality is DEAD

  • future9

    nice colour’s but the logo is far too similar to a number of these styled hats out at present on the market.i think maybe they should study their rivals and add something that sets indcsn aside.

  • alec

    how many other ways can you put a logo on a cap though? these look great if you ask me….though the logo patch looks pretty flimsy, almost like its been just sown on with a sowing machine?

  • J

    Imagine how mental that would be, a woven label patch being sewn on to something using a sewing machine!?

    Side note – Pattern and colour choice of the hats is nice, I respect indscn they are doing their thing.


    Yeah it’s kinda true, there are only so many ways to skin a cat with the headwear thing. However I do love a good bit of headwear, and there is a lot in my collection, but whatever way you look at it, a cap is just another bit of merchandise for a particular brand, and in some way shape or form there is going to be a brand logo present on it, wether its a Stussy, Supreme or even down to the hat the dude behind the counter in McDonalds is wearing.

    5 panel, fitted, snapback or bucket, obviously its clear where some brands get their inspiration from, but sometimes its a bit more important to look beyond that and focus on the actual quality. There have been some releases over the past few months (even from some of the so called streetwear stalwarts)that have displayed shocking stitching, embroidery, materials or colours. Supplier/manufacturing problems or just sheer sloppiness, who knows… but these factors are just as important as the brands ethos, influences/designs/themes, name and so on.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or been in the game 10 years strong, if you are putting out inferior quality product, then people will quickly catch on.

    It’s a shame that a lot of people in this game are newbies raised on just a product of quick-fire blog posts and ‘cool’ tumblr accounts… despite the sea of information ultimately a lot of it can be filtered down to be quite similar stuff. So it sometimes limits your perspective as it seems that anything with a box logo on or exterior brand labels draws immediate and inevitable comparisons with Norse Projects or Supreme, as generally thats what most people have been over-exposed to. I’m a fan of both, and sure they have respectable heritage, but come on people, either have some initiative or research the stuff you look at a bit more….they certainly ain’t the first or only people to pioneer putting a logo on a hat or clothing….therefore not everything that follows from any other brand is not a direct rip off.

    Big up indcsn anyway, its clear they are quickly finding their feet, and doing fairly impressive things nonetheless. They are still experimenting with only being a year young in this ting. The hats look Okay, sure some of the stitching around the logo looks a bit suspect, but these are things that improve with time, and hopefully each subsequent drop improves.

  • Oh dear

    Same old shit, different brand. Sloppy!

  • trife_life

    I really like indcsn. I have bought things off them for a good couple of season. The goof crew tee they did was truly inspired. I picked up 2 of these caps and I wear one on the daily. Saying that its the same old shit is such a pathetic comment from someone who obviously hasn’t got a clue. What would you want to see on a 5 panel….there isn’t much room to go crazy…i wouldn’t buy into it if it was emblazoned with huge graphics. I think the simplicity is the charm and these caps go with almost every outfit. I’m into this brand. They’re one of the few along with Bake Design who seem to be doing things correct.