ONLY NY Summer 2011 Apparel

The way things have been weather-wise lately, it’s easy to forget that this is still Summer, and ONLY NY are here to remind us just that with their Summer apparel collection of tanks, tees, crewnecks and shorts. This season, the uptown New Yorkers play around with a ‘fruit flavoured’ colour palette, adding splashes of peach, lemon, pomegranate and more on top of whites, greys and navy blues.

As simplistic as ONLY’s graphics are, they tend to get things just right, mixing 90’s sports nostalgia with memories of lakeside camping trips and a little of their inner-city upbringing. The late 90’s sports vibe is strong (none more so than on the ‘Olympic’ tee) and I love the simplicity of the black and white ‘Open’ tanks. The ‘Beach’ tees and raglan crewnecks, ‘Herring’ tanks and ‘Mahi Mahi’ T-shirts bring back fond memories of the fishing and watersports trips I’d take with my family (coincidentally, in the years before and after 1997), so this one hits home for me, and I love almost every piece.

Rounding the collection off, ONLY have produced two new colours of their Sidewalk chino shorts, in Tommy Red and Navy Blue – both are great, but the pricetag means I’ll likely steer clear this time. ONLY have smashed the market for simple logo based designs, and manage to add a little spice with their choice of colour – I am continuously impressed with this brand’s output, and I really can’t fault the selection below. Look for select pieces at Chimp and Seven now, Fat Buddha, Urban Industry, Minerva, Flatspot & Scene soon.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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    Although these prints are really well thought out, I dont need to be walking along wearing one of their pieces only to see a guy walking past wearing an All Saints tshirt, elasticated cuff Topman chinos, Tom espadrills and an OnlyNY cap..Il pass on this one.

  • Grit & Gold

    See above, shit is far too played out already, another ‘Obey’ / ‘Fenchurch’ / ‘Money’ brand for kids with no brain to cotton on to. Sooooo street.

  • simonsays

    If some twit in topman wants to buy a cap so what, ive had 12 year old scooter kids ask me where to buy supreme caps. seems most ‘cool’ people want minimal branding right now because if your not trendy enough you wont know type thing.
    Sorry, ill get some am1s, pinrolled chinos and a norse cap to fit in with you, oh and an all saints t.


    I like this collection. It reminds of the early Lemar and Dauley collections with their bold colours and 80’s vibes. Good job.

  • Hugo

    I reckon this is a sick line. If you dont like people wearing Only/Obey or whatever who dont follow your style – who cares? Dont let them get away with it! Wear this stuff in true only style and make it a good style. You guys sound like those people who immediately hate a band when they become popular.

  • Topcatjd

    Why like a brand that become commercial? The point is knowbody with any sense of fashion wants to be wearing the same as thousands of 18-20 year old topman goers! It’s all about individuality!

  • Doc

    feeling all the pieces. clean simple and effective, just the way it should be.

  • Ckelly82

    I think the 80s inspired tees are really nice and clean. Fits into the preppy style but with a nice retro twist. The logo tees and sweats are pretty basic, they remind me of what aNYthing were doing 6 or 7 years ago. As far as who wears this stuff, it has come at a time where anyone can log on to hypebeast, slamxhype or any other blog and see what’s ‘new’ or what’s ‘cool’. These brands are all readily available in the uk, whereas 10 – 15 years ago supreme, huf and even a good selection of stussy was hard to get hold of unless you traveled a lot or knew a few places in London. So it doesn’t surprise me when kids these days are mixing topman with supreme with only! It does take away from the brand for me though , I can’t believe how many people in Leeds now wear supreme with bad low slung chinos and espadrilles or even worse toms. I’ve gone off point a bit but I do like the tees with the boats

  • simonsays

    wait till supreme opens in london it will send the internet mad

  • pwb

    Why are people so caught up in brand culture or what everyone else wears?

    If you like something, wear it…stop trying to act too ‘cool’ to wear something because someone you judge on being a idiot might wear it, no-one cares and it wont lower your ‘rep’

  • Adamthwaite3

    Being individual is the new commercial. Everyone is trying to do it nowadays. Brands like ONLY, DIAMOND and SUPREME should be worn and recognised by other wearers. It should show people that you are swag and know stuff about clothes. Allow being individual. Just dont wear topman. Unless its the chino’s, theyre standard. But yeah, this SS11 collection is unreal, the 1997 t… SWAAAAAAAGGGG!!!


    For me the shit-storm created around pretty much all streetwear/workwear brands is wearing thin. At the end of the day yeah we all check the blogs to keep tabs on whats happening and whats trending, but that should not be the be all and end all of peoples fashion decisions.

    For me, as a matter of taste, I am feeling this drop from Only. I would wear the majority of pieces here.

    Fact is that once something becomes mass produced and is readily available to a mass market (not just the intended core target audience) through various channels (eg instore, online etc) then that alone is enough to encourage the proliferation of product (not to mention the hype and marketing via blogs etc) and over time it will dilute through to the consumer at various rates until it is deemed common enough to be commercial. For example, people seem to forget that a chain like SIZE (which I am a fan of), which has outlets nationwide, is hardly a place i’d use the word ‘limited’ or ‘exclusive’ to describe. Its available to anyone quite easily. Obey, Huf, Only, Alife, Stussy are all found on their shelves. Yeah they may carry a few different lines to other more numerous retailers, and offers more for the more knowledgeable people, but the fact is that you are just as likely to see someone rockin the same tee, pair of Blazers or jordans as you from there, as much as any dude in the bog standard topman garb. even somewhere like Hideout isn’t really that exclusie. If someone really wants something ,then they will go through the right channels to obtain it.

    It depends how deep your wallet is, or if you have an eye for true one-offs or custom pieces. You cannot expect to shop in any major retailer and come out expecting to be individual. Wake up peeps, its a factory conveyor belt and revolving door with each subsequent season and trend.

    I’m all for constructive praise or criticism where due, but if you like something, then you should wear it, and represent the brand and the lifestyle if it truly appeals to you, rather than be a sheep who pieces together their outfits from Tumblr posts or there will always be people who abuse that line, and there will always be true afficionados who rep fully.

    too much time is spent on the hate and people trolling like they know better.

    The fact is for the mainstream consumer with average disposable income, who is into a particualr fashion scene, then there is always going to be repetition among the masses. And its true, trying to hard to be different and edgy, but still all wearing worldwide distributed brands. indeed it seems being individual is the new commercial.
    the same goes for people rocking the preppy/english gentleman look who seem to think that rocking a pair of trickers brogues with contrasting socks, rolled up trousers and a tweed blazer with a pocket square constitutes being cutting edge individual fashion.

    it seems people are happy to swan along thinking they are the hot shit in that hat or this pair of trainers, but yet get pissed off once they see someone else they dont deem to be ‘cool’ rocking the dame brand(s) they do, and then it immediately becomes ‘played out’.

    Unless you create a clothing brand that is worn by you and only you, or you have enough cash to shop at Present, Oki-ni or GarbStore everyday, or can be decked head to toe in visvim, Wtaps or Neighbourhood, then ease up a bit, and lets just enjoy the stuff these brands are putting out. remember they got to pay bills as well.

    I rep Diamond, Only, Stussy, Supreme, Huf, Patta, Norse and more. and have done for years, and will continue to do so proudly until I decide not to, not when a blog, or some troller says so. I rock them because I dig the design, and the clothes offer the price/fit/comfort im looking for.

    Above all if people are depending on their outfit to carry their individuality and personality, then what the hell is that saying about you as a person??????

  • Topcatjd

    It’s not about being ‘cool’ its about individuality and you’re own image!

  • pwb

    Its not about what you wear, its how you wear it…cringe but true.

  • pwb

    And also, why try to be individual? you shouldnt try to be anything for yourself, if you like it, buy it…who cares if other people like it, with how many billion people on the earth, your never going to be individual, & more you try, the more you look like a dick…just be yourself, like what you wear & don’t care what other people think.

  • TopcatJD

    Very good points raised above and props to you, you’ve made me see things slightly more differently. An individuality of a brand is more important to some people than simply putting up with it just cos you’re skint. End of the line for me is that i whole heartedly agree with everyone who has blogged on this post, the ONLY lines for S/S 11 is very nice and looks well made and has captured the essence of it’s early work but i just don’t think a brand should be copying the basic idea of other brands just to survive and i think this range has!!

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    Only shows how brands dont need a culture or identity, and this will be the death of the scene as we know it,
    make way for the brands who create mass designs, no concept, stack em high sell em cheap, limited edition can go out the window and we can all brush that off because ‘we’re being ourselves’


    becoming a true individual is something that doesn’t happen overnight nor is it something that is certified by obtaining a particular item of clothing.

    it takes time, refinement, development, awareness, maturity, vision, experimentation, mistakes, hindsight, development, craft, innovation, and creative to truly understand the world you live in, its surroundings and the whole structure of social and cultural order, to become a real individual amongst the thousands of other people locally, millions nationwide, or billions globally.

    The brands that try and accomplish this to the best of their ability are the ones that will stand the test of time.

    remember that most brands who have some sort of heritage, strategy or creative thinking will try and base their drops around a particular theme or have a certain influence/point of reference. It is more than likely other maybe lesser brands will try and emulate that also, hence the similarities between brands as they look to deliver clothing that is based on themes popular at that point in time.

    It is all down to the execution, production and marketing that determines wether one drop is viable or not. So i don’t necessarily think its a case of blatant out and out copying, as most of us are sound enough to spot those bait rip-offs, its just brands within the remit of street wear will sometimes inevitably look alike with some drops, as in this case maybe Only and Obey seem to be very similar. When people got tired of seeing box logos slapped on garments with brands screaming ‘this our logo! wear us to be individual!’ they wanted more minimal or no branding at all. Then the grumbling lot said ‘its too plain, no originality, it al looks the same!’ …. it is a cyclical pattern, just like trends, and a few years from now most of us will look back at some of these posts and say ‘wow i can’t believe i wore that’

    Most of the guys running these stretwear labels know each other, grew up together or have the same background, so in that sense the creative thinking is likely to be similar.

    the people that rush or force to buck the trend to be ‘different’ usually end up being noticed for the wrong reasons, as an ill-conceived attempt at being individual usually results in mockery.

    Your wardrobe or outfit shouldn’t define you as a person, it should merely be an addition, enhancement, or accessory or indication as to what kind of person you may be. Its up to you to do the rest with what you do in life, and how you project yourself, thats where the real individuality comes.

    you can look fresh to death every day, but if every time you open your mouth you act and sound like a count, then you are lost, and there is no helping you.

  • BUDA

    Great post REALTALK, agree with most points you made. Designs here are simple, bold and classic. Don’t love the brand but a strong s/s drop.

  • RIQO


  • hunter

    amen riqo, a solid, crisp and clean drop here, regardless of who buys/wears it and how they wear it

  • republicofnowhere

    All fashion belongs in museum where we one day go to laugh at our obsession with individuality and need to express ideas through clothes.