VIHMIRU have been quiet since their first drop in December, but this month we finally see the brand expand their line, introduced with a bottle opener and a Zippo lighter, to include T-shirts and a few more accessories, with dark approach

Drop 02 includes five T-shirts, all of which are based on the brands owl imagery – two of which are variations of the logo itself – a white on black, and the black on charcoal ‘Jagged’ tee which has a slightly rougher illustration. There’s also the ‘Claw’ tee, which features, unsurprisingly, an owls claw printed in white. The best pieces are the ‘Fat & Angry’ cartoon owl, and the type based ‘Stay Up Late, which illustrated the brands ‘night owl’ philosophy, dedicated to those who work through the night to achieve their dreams.

The collection is completed in a similar fashion to the first with two accessories, a double-sided, moulded PVC keyring, and an adjustable PVC wristband. I’m not too keen on the latter, as it’s not something I’d wear personally, but I admire the brand’s attempt at something different. VIHMIRU is a brand I’m really enjoying watching grow, and I love the attention to detail. The ‘night owl’ theme runs throughout everything, and each piece clearly fits into a collection – a strong example of branding which I feel many could learn from.

I hope it’s not too long before we see the third installment in the brand’s collection, as I’m really looking forward to see how they evolve the line next. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. The pieces below are all available now from VIHMIRU.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • AD

    to be honest i think they should stick to acessories, like the zippo we saw from them earlier. not feelin the tees. weak.


    AD – have you actually purchased a zippo or a bottle opener?

  • DroneBoy

    Love them, may be a bit biased as love owls and stick to their philosophy rigidly, even when I try not too. Will be purchasing.

  • Brandon D’Orlando

    I like the styling of the tees and the graphics. Reminds me of strong, “less is more” graphic concept of Villianous Visard (though not implying in any way any sort of “biting”) which I really like. Love the full owl tee at top, the black and white at bottom, and the cartoon-like “Stay Up Late”. The key ring looks sick too. Nice releases guys!

  • Brandon D’Orlando

    Having had a look at the online store, I think it’s really interesting that the tees are so afforadable (£16 NICE ONE!). I’ve always believed that brands like Johnny Cupcakes, Villianous Visard (both of whom I’m a big fan), and others that charge £30 or £35 per tee are really pushing it too far. Of course, those brands’ tees are top quality in my experience and I appreciate that one has to pay for quality. Having said that, a price point of £16 for these guys implies that either a.) these VIHMIRU tees/prints are a cheap quality and won’t last, b.) that my gut feeling is right that some brands are charging “too much” or – put more PC – making considerable profit margins on their overheads, or c.) VIHMIRU are on to suppliers and producers at a well subsidised/mates rates/better than everyone prices. Don’t get me wrong. I’d rather pay £16 than £35 for a tee all day long and I certainly hope that I’m right in “B” and/or “C” because I’d love to support this brand but I’d want to know I was getting something that will last. If I’m right, these other streetwear brands better take heed or they’ll be quickly undercut by an up and coming VIHMIRU.


    Brandon – thanks for the kind words.

    In response to your price query… my brand is still relatively new compared to some of the bigger more established brands. The market is very competitive and saturated at the moment so the price point I’ve chosen is to be more affordable to allow people to buy in to VIHMIRU, see how good the quality is and then continue to support the brand.

    That being said, I do believe a lot of brands over charge. The next line of t-shirts I release will be a bit more expensive but not by a lot. The profit made helps to re-invest in to bigger and better lines, cut and sew especially which a lot of the bigger brands are doing… which may be the reason for their high price points.

    Most brands that charge around the £30/£35 mark will most often have brick retail shops to pay rent on and all the overheads that come with that too. I suppose really you’re also paying to be part of the brand. The more exclusive and sought after a brand becomes, the more they can get away with in higher prices.

    To qualm your concerns of quality… the quality of my t-shirts are like that of OBEY, IM KING and Diamond Supply Co.

    The care instructions I provide are to maximise the t-shirt life but obviously if someone wears a t-shirt every day it will soon degrade through wear and tear.

    Pricing is tricky… too low, it scares people off. Too high, it scares people off.

    I hope you’ll take a chance and try your luck with VIHMIRU.


    DroneBoy – Thanks! …got your order through earlier and will be posted out tomorrow.

  • Chris Airplays

    Generally brands selling at around this price point don’t wholesale and are therefore able to charge less.


    Brandon – You’ve really got me thinking/worrying now.

    I thought I was doing the right thing offering the products at a more affordable price as a new brand but if the perceived perception is that the products are cheap then I’m going to have to raise them sooner rather than later.

    Everything I’ve sold has stayed sold. No returns or complaints on anything. So I know people are happy with the quality of my products.

    Anyone else have input on the pricing?

  • Brandon D’Orlando

    My opinion is that £30 or more for a tee is too much. Yes I’ve paid that before. I’m 30 years old. I make enough disposable income to not worry. But I’ve resolved myself earlier in the year to not pay that money for tees as part of exercising my rights and sense of discrimination as a consumer.

    Take Johnny Cupcakes for example… In USA, their tees cost $35. In UK, they charge £35. Being an American citizen I know a little the exchange rates, duty taxes, import fees, etc and I can guarantee you that J/C still making a bomb on those £35 tees. Fair enough, a majority of people obviously pay the money and that makes it sustainable for the vendor.

    However, I’ve always questioned the ethics of balancing “entrepreneuralism” and running a sustainable business with producing and promoting a “youth” brand or “street” brand. I imagine a large part of the target market doesn’t have the disposable income to drop £30+ on tees left and right. Maybe that’s the point and is the brand’s way of making something “special” in the eyes of the consumer – I don’t know. But I’ve seen on my Twitter feed more than once people “going skint” or breaking the bank to cop just one more garment. That’s not the brand’s fault, but if brands charging that much dropped their prices to a more reasonable amount their sales might increase that little bit more.

    I could be talking complete dross because I’m not a business and don’t have an inside insight into the industry but I think £20 – £25 is about the right price and what I’d expect to pay for a quality printed, quality material tee from even the most premium of brands. I firmly believe that anything more is just fat on top for the brand to cream. Fair enough but with the glut of big and diy/indy brands these days producing both tees and cut & sew, any consumer has plenty of choice without needs to be stuck to or loyal to a brand charging more than the rest of the pack.

    I’ll never compete on the Apprentice, VIHMIRU, but my philosophy with any decision in life is “follow your heart” and “follow your gut instinct”. Best of luck with it – I really like these designs and the images of this drop and you’ll get my business.


    I’m a big fan of the concept, but like Brandon, the price is a little concerning. It may be arrogance but being from a clothing company myself, selling your tshirts at that price smells like fishy quality, I personally think you’re undercutting yourself. Companies like AnyForty have exceptionally good designers/designs/range but are let down by the fact that use Gildan tees to print on and are therefore making a mint. The accessories are cool as fuck though.
    Part of my job is market research, and I’m more than happy to buy one of yours!! Keep up the good work!!


    Brandon / ATD – yea, the more I think about it and compare my brand to other similar brands my pricing is considerably lower.

    I think I will announce on my blog and social network sites that the pricing will stay at £16 as an introductory price for a couple of weeks and then will be raised to reflect the quality of the print, t-shirt and overall design. I need to be viewed as a high quality brand because my products are high quality.

    Like you’ve mentioned above, I appear to have unintentionally undercut myself. Perhaps by naivety on my part that people would not pay what I would have charged being a relatively new brand.

    But I’ve had a fair bit of feedback now and the general consensus is the prices need to be raised.

    Thank you all for your praise and helpful advice.

  • RUDO

    Shannon of Self Gained Treasures fame messaged me about this post and all the interesting comments, so i had to check it out and chime in. The topic of pricing is a really difficult but interesting one, and I feel everyones made valid points. I myself run a clothing brand and fell into the same dilemma at the start on how much to charge. I can clearly see from the product shots that the quality of the t-shirts is top notch. But many wouldn’t be able to tell that from a photo. Having worked within the industry for many years, I learnt early on how difficult it is to raise your prices, and while i agree having a low starting price will gain you sales, it will also cultivate an customer that is only willing to pay a certain price. If in a 2-3 years VIHMIRU was to blow up, and you decided to raise the price to £25-£30+ some will follow, while others would fall to the way side. Also the point on people perceiving the brand as cheap/bad quality due to the price is a valid one, and its sad but true but some people won’t buy the brand solely because its cheap, even if the quality is second to none because the brands has that ‘perceived’ value.

    Interesting posts from everyone, and glad the brand is getting the love it deserves with some real constructive criticism.
    I’m really liking everything so far, and as Suffocake said, I can’t wait to see where it goes next.



    nice to see healthy discussion on here. but not nice that its all in caps lol.


    Hey everyone, I’ve taken on-board everything that has been said and put out the post below and adjusted my price points.

    I’d rather raise them and get it right now while I’m still relatively unknown.

    Thanks again to everyone and your input!

  • Chris

    Brands selling at crazy prices like £16 are setting themselves up for a hard time when they decide to wholesale. A retailer will want to make 2.5 min markup. This means you have to sell your tee to him at £10 for him to retail at £25…minimum. So a £16 tee has to be wholesaled at £6. It’s hard to produce a decent tee for £6 but it will be much harder will be having to sell to your current customers at double the price when the retailer demands you charge the same on your site as he does in his shop. As far as I’m concerned anybody wanting a £16 tee should do one to Topman and have the same garm as another million drones.

  • silver

    Nice designs…….and the quality looks nice too……..was just about to order until I saw they had gone up from £16 to £22

    At £16 I was going to take the plunge and maybe come back for more and then pay a liitle more if I really liked.
    Theres so much choice around the £20-£25 mark that I will wait till something blows me away…..£6 is a big difference to me personally


    hey silver, thanks for the feedback.

    email …and i’ll hook you up with a discount code that’ll allow you to buy a t-shirt for the original price.

    hope to hear from you.