Who? Clothing Snapback Caps

UK Brand Who? Clothing is one whose name I see around a fair bit at the moment, they’re doing their thing and getting a fair bit of attention, and that, I respect. Their newest release is a series of 4 snapback caps emblazoned with their trademark logo, each with a different coloured peak.

Who? keep things simple, with an all black upper, white embroidered text, and 4 peaks in purple, red, turquoise and white. Nothing excites me too much about these caps, but it’s good to see the brand expanding their product line and producing something extra to support their expanding T-shirt collection.

A small number of the caps are available now from Who? Clothing, and while a few of the colours appear to have sold out already, a re-stock will be available soon. Find out more about the brand on facebook.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • http://twitter.com/BeatsBassNBears Brandon D’Orlando

    oh man… LOVE the “simple” style and design. These look clean to me – not plain. And the colourways are practicle and timeless unlike the current trend of rainbow-mashup with caps.

    Sucks that the white & black aren’t in at moment as I’d be buying two caps tonight instead of one. Who? holla’ at your boy and let me know when you got more!

    Nice work, guys keep it up.

  • http://www.droneboylaundry.com DroneBoy

    Big-ups Who? – repping from Wales

  • http://bootsncatsmusic.blogspot.com/ Michael

    i dont understand why you writte about stuff when your not even that bothered by it? just seems like your plugging the brand for no reason? all the same i like this website.

  • DaveyS

    Great. Another brand bringing out badly fitting, unoriginal snapbacks. Anyone know what the actual quality of these caps are like. The embroidery looks poor at best. Fair play on the purple peak but its fair to say I will be staying well clear of these.

  • Suffocake

    Michael, to answer your question, I try to use my posts on the site as a news source as much as anything else. In my opinion, just because something isn’t exceptional or completely original, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be covered. In addition, we put these things out there to invite others like yourself, Brandon, DroneBoy, and DaveyS to comment, and share their own views on the brands and products. Quite frankly, if I only ever posted products that overwhelmed me, they would be few and far between… but perhaps I’m just a little jaded.

  • http://bootsncatsmusic.blogspot.com/ Michael

    fair enough, thanks for actually writing back


    With the snapback hype still going strong as ever Im getting tired of seeing names dotted around caps, if you’re a brand like HUF, Supreme etc.. they have a strong brand image, they’ve been slaving away to get their brand recognised for years so they can have their name on the front, this brand sadly hasnt. Firstly I don’t know what Who? are about, and this cap doesnt tell me anything about them..even looking on Dhgate.com which is a China stockist for the UK Ive seen WhyMe caps as samples they’ve made for the brand..do I really want a poor mass made cap from a brand who have no intention on making quality over quantity? really?

    p.s using downloaded fonts, its 2011, drawn your own!

  • http://whoclothing.com whoclothing

    Your welome to your opinion ‘THEBOSS’ but as you said you know nothing about us. And our logo is hand drawn along with most of our designs.

  • http://gritandgold.tumblr.com Grit & Gold

    Embroidery does look sketch as fuck. I’m kind of with THEBOSS, I’m really ish about brands expanding into other areas of clothing when they haven’t quite made a name on the basics yet, it’s such a risk of lost money. Victate Clothing have been pretty focal on t-shirts for a good while now and have made an effort to provide something for everyone and now it looks like they’re gonna start doing crews etc. and you know that they will sell because people are taken in by their brand. Snapbacks? eh, you better have a lot of followers who’ll pay X amount for your brand over an American made-in-USA brand or one with a bit more life to it.

  • homesweethome

    props for actually getting some products out but i don’t think this release of caps was well thought out enough


    And Im guessing you made the t-shirt templates too, or did the majority of shirts naturally fall into the same creases?

    come on guys, just take shots of the product when it comes in and give some explanation of the process of each shirt/cap so its not just another big cartel brand..take this advice or just fall into the hipster category.

  • http://whoclothing.com whoclothing

    Advice taking. These sold out in less than 48 hours so i guess were doing something right. Yes we have a long way to go but you’ve got to start somewhere. We’ve been a brand since the end of 2009 so our logo is known by those who follow us. Thanks for your input be it possitive or negative x

  • DaveyS

    How many pieces were actually produced??


    @ THEBOSS. All you seem to do is criticise brands on here. What is wrong with using a realistic t shirt template to display your t-shirt designs? absolutely nothing. It serves the perpose of showing the customer what the tee will look like, thats it! And you are complaining about not seeing different creases!!!?? get real. UK brands dont have thousands of pounds to spend on studio shots of there clothing and they dont have the budget to make hundreds of samples to do so either. Look at Crooks and Castles website. They take actual shots of there tees and they look aweful! if you are so ‘informed’ about how to make it then you must have a brand of your own?? please do tell….

  • http://bakedesigns.bigcartel.com Ben (Bake Designs)

    I have to agree with THEBOSS on this one really.
    I run a brand and by know means is it a perfect example of how things should be done but I do know how important proper product shots are. it’s not about making the tee look better, it’s about a realistic representation of how the finished product looks. I like Who in general I do however know that some of the product images in the past haven’t been 100% accurate.

    Anyone can make something look good in photoshop but putting it on a t-shirt is different. And you don’t need thousands of pounds to shoot product shots, ‘get real’ as you said. Everyone and their mate has a DSLR these days. That’s the minimum you need to take good photos.

    But look around, LNUK were featured today with some sick product shots and a lot of other brands have done the same. It’s not too much to ask.

  • liam

    I’ve followed these guys for the last year and own the red hat above along with 4 tees.
    Havnt got a bad word to say against them and will continue to support them as their designs are sick, quality of their products is way above average compared to some other UK brands ive purchased from and to top it off they have great customer service.

    Keep it up guys.
    P.s get more booble hats in already!!