GRIND ‘The Wonder Years’

London based brand G.R.I.N.D (Getting Rich Is No Dream) have become notorious for switching up the regular and replacing it with something unusual. Staying true to form, this latest drop features a Wu Tang inspired pack of cards and tee shirt.

This pack pays homage to the legendary Wu Tang Clan, drawing inspiration from their debut album “Enter the 36 Chambers”, often considered to be the groups best. As a result of this, being both the wonder years for the group as well as hip hop (in the brands humble opinion), GRIND have given each of the 9 original members a “Middle America make over” refixing their photos with characters from the hit American 80s TV show “The Wonder Years”.

The pack is on sale as of Wednesday 17th from 9am, with those buying on the day of the release promotionally having included a pack of the “Wu-Trading Cards”. The tee is available for £25, whilst the card pack is available for £5, from GRIND.

What do you think, a foolish or ingenious move by the small UK brand?

Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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  • J

    This is genius


    this is nice. funny and would still look good on


    This makes no sense at all! It really doesn’t. Not hating on the brand, I just don’t get it!


    When in doubt just do another Rap associated t-shirt to show everyone you’re ‘down’ with the cool kids.
    Hipster take on rap, really?

  • Kritic

    Irrelevant to the brand and collection

  • paul

    it seems way to soon!! bad move!! and yeh… it makes no sense, why do this!!

  • J

    What on earth are people talking about? This is what GRIND do, and do extremely well. They create photographic prints with an ironic or comedic twist, how people can’t see the t-shirt for that is beyond me. And to ‘REGULAR’ do your homework, GRIND aren’t some hipster brand trying to tap into Rap because it’s big on Tumblr. Check their blog, they’ve been posting solid hip hop tracks since they started years ago. Paul, to soon for what? Muppet.

  • the real

    sorry j i have to say they are right. it makes no sense whatsoever. i get that ‘grind’ were trying to be humourous but its not at all funny because it doesnt make sense!! visualy this tee looks o.k. (at best) but the content lets it down. and to top it off they made it into a pack of cards! fail!

  • Vincent

    Cool concept, clean design, DOPE tee. Will definitely be purchasing.

  • mr doom

    i dont get this t at all. this image might be funny on a blog (and i use the word ‘might’ heavily) but not on a t shirt. and anyway who wants to wear a t shirt full of geeks?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! try harder next time

  • Kyle

    I grew up on The Wonder Years, Wu-Tang, and Sesame Street. 2 out of 3 here. This shit is serious.

  • freetalk

    the death of sense of humour. reading these comments was seriously depressing. this t shirt is nice, and if im honest grind arent usually on my radar. it makes sense even if you dont find it funny cos you watch how i met your mother all the time. WU TANGS WONDER YEARS. KIDS FROM THE WONDER YEARS. daily street explaineed in full and you still dont get it? you have my full support J. no homo.

    im buying those card too.


    How is the affiliation between middle class white kids from a tv show related to Wu Tang though? You can explain it all day long and it still wouldn’t make any sense. What would the boys say? tutt tutt tutt.

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