Nike Air Max 90 & Air Force 1 Hyperfuse (Neon Collection)

This one is definitely only for the brave. Neon colour applications on footwear traditionally seem to get greeted by two types of sneaker fanatics. The folks who look on in disgust, or those who have a more optimistic outlook, creatively calculating in their minds how they can manage to pull this sort of thing off. Respect to those in the latter crowd indeed.

Nike’s Hyperfuse technology has been applied to a wide range of footwear divisions of late with classic runners, tech runners and cross training being the main subjects of experiment. Here, two classic silhouettes, the Air Max 90 and Air Force 1 Hi are utilised, with a pretty simple workout of neon colours. The simplicity on these shoes allows for a bold aesthetic, these make-ups don’t hold back one bit, and the results are incredible. This release offers a mix of classic silhouettes with modern technology and a seriously futuristic aesthetic. If full neon workings aren’t your thing, there’s two Air Max 90’s that make use of silver accents on the panelling to bring some subtly in the mix, while still maintaining a loud aesthetic.

Available from Urban Industry now.

Chris Benfield

Chris is a multi-disciplinary designer working across editorial, print, identity and digital for a variety of industries. Previous clients include Nike, PUMA, Dazed & Confused and Boxfresh.

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