Own. September 2011 Mini Collection

A brand that’s becoming increasingly like a leading brand of yeast extract, Own have released a mini collection for the Fall season featuring three T-shirts and a crewneck, and it’s sure to make a stir.

The UK brand has nearly three thousand facebook fans, and had sold out of some sizes of the latest drop less than an hour after the launch, however, this success is counterbalanced by a venom-filled opposition (a microcosm of this can be found here). While I sympathise with those slating the unoriginality of the both Futura based logo designs, and the seemingly ONLY NY inspired pieces, you can’t get away from the fact they are aesthetically pleasing.

The mini collection features the ‘Bar’ Aztec influenced design on a grey tee as featured above, as well as a logo tee with signature Futura font, again in a grey tee but also in a purple sweat. The final piece for this collection is a navy (surprisingly not contrast) pocket tee with the “O” logo print, with all pieces coming with a turquoise woven neck tag.

The whole collection is available now from Own, I’m sure I don’t need to ask you to leave your opinions below.

Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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  • The talk

    “I have a great idea lets take a font and put it on a tee shirt” what I great idea!.
    For anyone who has brought a tee like this you can find the font on photoshop and do it yourself. It’s shocking!

  • JC


  • 4321

    OWNLY….. what more can I say. Really original guys!

  • Kritic

    So this is what is praised in streetwear now? Over used fonts and fruit of loom tees? There’s no point even mentioning design here

  • 12345

    your so wrong

  • hunter

    Alot of brands are following this formula, to prove the lack of originality, creativity and as a result, my respect, I have made my own brand and its first piece in under 45 seconds:

  • Chris Austin

    Those white prints look awful. I agree with ‘The talk’ as well on putting a font on a t-shirt, nothing special.

  • http://illography.com jhud

    so pissed this was even posted… serious mistake. easily the worst thing ive ever seen out of the UK. ashamed. ONLY NY should sue.

  • J


  • B

    surely not? jesus.

  • http://illography.com jhud

    BTW EVERYONE, this brand no longer exists. GOOD RIDDANCE

  • joshua

    Pretty weak , the OWN logo in the circle is actually quite nice though.

  • M1234

    Haha another copy. What font is this btw? I wanna try to make a version like hunter.

  • hunter

    the font I used was Century Gothic, I think its the same font used by Supreme and Only, but I’m not sure

  • rob

    boring, plain

  • Tavis

    Such a rip off. Why give a mention on here. You guys nees to start publishing original stuff not rip off usa wannabees.