Supreme London (First Look)

Today we get our first look inside the brand new Supreme retail spot, set to open in London this Thursday. The opening marks the legendary New York brand’s first retail venture in Europe, and the end to a long wait for many UK followers.

Situated at 2/3 Peter Street in Soho, in the surroundings of other London destination stores like Tokyo Fixed Gear and Foot Patrol, the store is tucked away on a side street, away from the main shopping strip – a simple black store front and a single red box logo being it’s only identifying feature. Inside, the design is clean and minimal, as you would expect, with a large collage mural and a couple of custom artworks by Mark Gonzales filling the space. The store will stock the entire Supreme collection, including skateboards, footwear and special releases, just as in the US and Japan.

The Supreme London store opens officially this Thursday, September 22nd, at 11am. We’ll see you there.

Supreme London
2/3 Peter Street
London W1F 0AA

Tel: 0207 437 0493



11 – 7:30   Monday – Saturday
12 – 6        Sunday

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Marcus Maschwitz Photography

    Looks amazing …

  • Callum

    Do you know when they restock?

  • rob

    its huge

  • bookey

    looks pretty sweet

  • Man

    someones doing well for themselves

  • Classact

    Mad I’m gnna have to visit that store when it’s open

  • 123oner

    Yeah just though I’d like to mention visited here the other day and I’ve never been confronted by a bigger bunch of fucking useless arrogant pricks in my life. Walk in, some (i’m assuming) ‘member of staff’ who is wankely texting away on his phone just about pulls his head from the screen to notice there are customers in the store, I go down stairs and give a ‘hey man how’s it going’ to another employee who is soooooo reluctant to even acknowledge me he barely nods his head with no verbal response as if actual talking back would actually break the Supreme customer/worker hierarchy . I mean does Supreme HQ know they act like this, are they meant to act like this, did they write ‘i’m a massive fucking c*** on the application form’. I’d read things about stuff like this in the New York store but when i actually went in myself….well it was just a fucking joke.
    Fucking bad service is bad service, get over yourself’s you stuck up twats!!!

  • Graham


    Can so vouch for this, went down in April and they’re still the same, literally the worst customer service I’ve ever had. Considering what we’re paying for these clothes, it’s utterly inexcusable. Head over to the Bape store however, and it’s a totally different story. Some of the most honest, friendly and helpful staff I’ve encountered.

    I should mention, I don’t skate, and a friend of mine said how the Supreme staff tend to look down on people who don’t walk in their with a board strapped to their pack. Now I get this, us non-skaters killing the brand off, but seriously, the vibe you got off the staff in that store was cold. The people just seemed cruel.

  • Grace

    Wow I’m glad to find that others have the same terrible experience as I had. Went down today and the staff were all extremely red and arrogant. When I approached one of them for sizes, he brushed me off and replied rudely “simple concept girl. if it’s not on the rack we don’t have it”. And when I went to pay at te cashier the guy completely ignored me EVEN THOUGH I WAS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM AT THE CASHIER DESK and just continued chatting with his friend.

    Worst customer service in the world. ‘Nuff said.