Supreme London Store Opening

Supreme London launch opening

Today we can finally break the official news on the opening time and date of the brand new Supreme flagship store in our very own city of London. Rumours have been floating around for a while now, but today we finally got word of exactly when you’ll get your chance to check it out.

The store, which is located at 2 Peter Street in the heart of Soho, will open to the public for the first time at 11am on Thursday September 22nd, and we’ve already heard a lot of good things about the design of the NY brand’s newest shop front, and the selection of product you can expect to find inside. Events like this don’t come around all that often, and I couldn’t be happier that Supreme have chosen London as their next retail destination.

A select group of individuals will be invited to an exclusive opening event, and we’ll be there to give you the scoop, with live updates on facebook and twitter. Until then, keep your eyes on Supreme for more information.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • truth must be told

    r.i.p supreme,as soon as local youth get note they will trash the brand just like Von dutch,Ed hardy exc exc

  • http://fuckem' fuck ’em

    Great. Now all the little fraggles cant go spend daddies money on 5 panels…


    Thanks ebay for consuming my collection for £350, Supreme is was nice hangin’

  • C-Stylez

    I’m just wondering if the prices will be the same as in the US or if us Europeans will get slapped with inflated “hype-tax”.

    A cap that is $48 about (€34) from the Supreme store is a whopping €75 from Patta in Amsterdam. [I was there today] That’s like $105!!!


  • Streetwear Dave

    @ truth must be told; the difference between Supreme and the other brands you mentioned is that the others ‘rinsed’ their distribution across Europe and towards the end sold to everyone and anyone; licensing deals on lounge wear, colognes, underwear etc basically killed them off and the greedy distributors were in it for the short term.
    On the other hand, I imagine Supreme intend to be here for the long term, and opening one physical store in London and an online store for the whole of Europe is hardly over exposure. There have already been 3 stores in the UK selling Supreme over the last few years anyway and you can always buy the stuff online somewhere so don’t understand all this ‘it’s over’ nonsense when it’s already been widely available.
    By keeping things all under one umbrella the brand will have more control and hence keep the ‘hype’ alive. The brand has managed to remain at the top of their game for the last 17 years or so, so I kind of think they know what they’re up to.

    Anyway that’s my two penneths worth, I’ll see you all in the queue on the 22nd.

  • Cal

    I’ve always been curious of supreme. Ever since I became aware of the brand It became quite clear the way the company worked was to limit products and make most of the brand seem very exclusive and special. Although only a few examples of brands have taken this approach id say supreme are amongst one of the best in this marketing strategy especially given the audience they target. I for one think its great the company are expanding, I don’t think by expanding the company will loose its “exclusive and limited” speciality. I see it as a way to broaden to a wider audience. And let the business grow, we all wear specific brands that are widely distributed but its the target audience that matters. As long as supreme appeal to the skate culture and street culture and keeps it marketing strategy the same I see no reason why you would see people who aren’t aware of its history or what the brand stands for wearing it like its another meaningless brand.

    After all you dont see chavs, “local youth” wearing brands like “Only NY”, “Brixton” ,” UNDEFEATED” (just to name a few) all the time.

  • C-Stylez

    Cal and Dave, I salute you.

    People speaking sense.

    I don’t see why people are getting bitter over a store opening more locally.

    Possibly upset that their niche eBay purchases wont seem worth the bidding war anymore..?

  • Adamthwaite3

    @ fuck ’em and @ truth must be told .. stop being so miserable man! BOTH OF YOU! Its a sick brand with sick clothes!! Von Dutch and Ed Hardy were both WHACK!!! Thats why they didnt stay exclusive! OFWGKTA!

  • luis

    Wow. So Supreme fell off when they opened their japanese stores then?obviously not and let’s be frank this is a chance for us who been wearing supreme for time to be snobs and mock people who are only just wearing it with our old (and messed up) deadstock. Besides, casual customers will NOT pay the prices we’re used to

  • Mark

    Everyone seems to hate when brands do an out of the ordinary change or a general mix up of brand direction. Supreme are for me one of the originators and pioneers in streetwear period. You only hate because whereas before you might have seen a handful of people wearing supreme gear, you may now see a hundred or two, do you hate on everyone wearing levi’s? no! That’s what hacks me off with people such as you haters who think your the originators, that your the first ones to come across brands such as Supreme, that your so ‘in-with-it’. The ones you should hate on are corporates such as asos now selling streetwear and killing the individual stores and the people that care about streetwear, not so much the profits.

    I’ve been wearing Supreme since the late 1990’s and I won’t stop wearing them because any tom, dick and harry is, because it’s the new ‘in’. I will continue to wear them because they run a company how it should be run and I know what’s behind supreme themselves and seen the company change and grow over these years.

    p.s ADAMTHWAIT3… fuck off with your OFWGKTA bullshit, this is clothing not fucking music

  • rob

    Supreme, like all brands they have to grow and however you want to put it, they have to make money somehow. By expanding the brand like this is going to want to make more money. As always it still will have its ‘exclusive’ marketing strategy but you guys think differently because theres a store closer to home instead of buying supreme off ebay for ridiculous prices.

    and mark thats soo true they sell hundreds on asos now, i wouldnt be surprised if you see mishka or stussy taking a similar step

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  • scab

    @LUIS… are you dizzy?
    ‘casual customers’ have been paying 120 odd for a panel hat on ebay. thats MUCH more than the ‘original supreme heads’ are used to. In fact, I’m happy to sell all of my hats for 100 each.. because fuck it. its clothes…
    and as far as japan is concerned. it doesn’t change anything for us, but in japan it’s not even one of the best.

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  • Jake

    I am personally sick to the back teeth of seeing the same comments written about how the brand will die off due to ”chavs” wearing it, as many have already expressed Supreme is an exclusive brand and limit their stuff, DSM and Hideout limied their stock too, Dave and Cal hit the nail on the head I don’t even know why I am commenting! Ha ha.

    I am curious about what time and day the online store opens, living in Manchester a trip to London isn’t really a practicality seeing as I work so if someone knows any infomation about that, that would be class.

    Hopefully I can stop using Ebay and friends over in the U.s then!

    And another thing which get’s on my tit’s is when people post about Odd Future Wolf Gang, Let’s keep it to Supreme not some kid’s who obviously showed you the brand.

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  • i wear hollister and primark

    guys… chill out. it’s only cloth and stitching after all.

  • Anto

    @Adamthwaite3: What could kill Supreme, and other indipendent brands, are people like you and websites like Asos, both only interested in followoing trends.
    Supreme has been existing for over 15 years, not since Tyler started wearing it.
    Apart from that, it is only good for all the people into Supreme to have a local store, so that part of the re-sell game can be stopped!

  • Nathan

    I think Supreme will be ok for a good while yet. Lets face it, how long had the Bathing Ape shop been in london before we started to see little dubstep grimey kids and that awful soldier boy on the telly wearing it. I always have a wave of nausea when I hear of my beloved brands opening mainstream stores or hear idiots discussing it. Its one thing we cool cats have to face, it may be underground for years and years but one day some n0bhead will get a wiff of it and it will spread like wild fire. Lets just hope those Lady Ga Ga Supreme posters dont get out too much over london or we will have Lady Ga Ga fans wearing it – Imagine that! jeez.

  • Shaun

    The comments on here are pathetic. If you’re upset that your clothes will become “unexclusive” then you’re only wearing the clothes to be “cool” and that’s the idea of silly kids who think they own a clothing line and that it’s some top secret thing. Grow up, clothes are clothes.

  • Daniel

    Shaun is the man “clothes are clothes” and to be honest the ones of Supreme are even not the best in the game