The Canterbury Sessions: Big Hat

Canterbury Lifestyle bring us their current music project, which shines the spotlight onto some up-and-coming music acts with ‘Canterbury Sessions’. This performance comes from duo Big Hat.

Canterbury Sessions is a great way for us to find out a little more about the brand in terms of it’s identity and taste, the lifestyle sector of the brand is relatively new to us so this is a great way of them letting us know just what they’re into. I feel it’s important for brands to make us aware of such things, as we all know these days a clothing brand is about more than just the clothes, and music is a great tool to get that message across. I have to admit, Big Hat, who are featured in this sessions, is an act that I’m unfamiliar with, but having said that, I enjoyed the music and listened all the way through. It will be interesting to see and hear who Canterbury have lined up for future sessions.

For more info on what brand are up to, click through to Canterbury.

Jamie Szulc

One of three co-founders of THE DAILY STREET, Jamie specialises in menswear and is currently Footwear Account Manager at Fred Perry.

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