Mishka 2011 Winter Headwear

American streetwear giants Mishka have returned with another signature Winter beanie drop, featuring both classic designs: the Keep Watch and Heatseeker beanies, in various different colourways to keep heads warm over the next few months.

I’m a huge fan of the Heatseeker beanies, the New York brand seem to always be on point with their colour choices; not too muted but not too ‘in your face’. With the Keep Watch design, it’s almost impossible for it not to draw attention, featuring the iconic Keep Watch eyeball on the center of the cuff. So for those of you who like to swan around with eye-catching (pun intended) prints and designs this is pretty much the pinnacle in terms of Winter headwear.

In my experience, the quality of the beanies is irrefutable, having a few myself from ’09, still being in nigh-perfect condition, I can indeed vouch for them being a worthwhile purchase, which is unfortunately a rarity in the cost cutting world of fashion we’re used to here in the UK. All of the new colourways below are available from Urban Industry now.

Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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