TDS Mix 018: Juk Juk

After breaking through with his release on Four Tet’s Text Records, we invited Juk Juk to create our latest mixtape.

Now, we’ve had some creative mixtapes in the past (namely 006: Geiom and 011: Koreless), but Juk Juk has brought a whole new level of creativity to our mixtape series with this one. Using his songwriting technique of jamming out with a bunch of samplers and synths, Juk Juk has put together what is essentially a 40 minute freestyle jam session. It’s an interesting approach to a showcase mix, that’s for sure, and the end result is a fascinating mixture of atmospherics, samples and UK Garage / Hip-Hop inspired beats.

Somehow, it still feels very much like a mixtape, with somewhat defined tracks that are noticable as you move through the 40 minutes. However, there is no tracklist, as there are no specific tracks. I guess you could call it a live set, but as these aren’t pre-rehearsed tracks played live, it doesn’t quite fit that bracket. All I know is that’s a damn good and very different edition to our mixtape series and is truly enjoyable to listen to.

Keep your eyes peeled for future releases from Juk Juk on his own label, as his name grows and grows after his release on Four Tet’s label sold out in a matter of days … quite an impressive debut.

What approach have you taken for this mix?
I wanted to try something different with this mix. The idea was to capture one of my regular recording sessions which are always a sort of freestyle drag and drop affair. The result is more like a classical composition put together with samplers. Although there are distinct parts, there is no strict track list, as all of the samplers, synths and effects are sequenced live.

Which track or mix is your personal favourite?
I’d have to say just after the first break at 23mins, as I broke out some samples I’d recently recorded of two wonderful Turkish musicians.

What did you do the mix on?
Various samplers, synths and drum patterns recorded live into Logic.

Is style important to you?
It’s important to me in all things but not at the expense of content.

What brand(s) are you particularly feeling at the moment?
I’ve always been a massive fan of graphic t-shirts: brands like Amos and Alakazam. R.I.P. Suburban Bliss, we miss you.

What have you got coming up soon?
I am going to release a few 12’s on my own imprint and start to play out more.

018: Juk Juk by The Daily Street on Mixcloud

Alex Synamatix

One of three co-founders at THE DAILY STREET, Alex is our Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all TDS activity. Outside of TDS, Alex is a respected creative in his own right, from art directing club nights (comm•une) to consulting for some of the largest global brands.

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