Abandon Ship Apparel Autumn/Winter 2011

Fresh out of the East end of Glasgow, Abandon Ship Apparel hit us with their Autumn/Winter collection of printed tees, crewnecks, and zip-up hoods. You may not be familiar with the name, but chances are you’ve seen one or two or their designs before.

The collection includes both tattoo-inspired art, and flips on pop culture iconography. If the model’s choice in permanent skin attire isn’t evidence enough, designs like those seen on the ‘Khamsa’ and ‘Dot’ tees are a clear nod to flash and tattoo art while ‘Up Yours’ and ‘Abandon Television’ see the brand take on Disney and MTV respectively. Many of the pieces you’ll see are available in other colours, with a palette of black, white, grey and maroon, and splashes of colour here and there. The collection is rounded off by crewneck sweats and the ‘Ingolstadt’ zip hood, which features an ‘up yours’ of it’s own on the reverse.

Founded in the first quarter of this year, ASA have been offering bold, straight to the point, no nonsense designs throughout 2011, and have built up a decent following for doing just that. The new collection is available now from Abandon Ship, check out the highlights below.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • IronxMind

    Its kind of disappointing that a widely respected site such as TDS is willing to feature a brand with possibly the least originality of any of the current UK ‘clothing brands’ (and I use that term loosely).

    Their blatant rip offs of Crooks and Castles and Obey amongst others suggests that the designers here are probably braindead, or at least stupid enough to think that no one will notice that theyve bitten their designs almost directly. The worst part is that the designs they are copying are already parodies of something, so its like they are parodying a parody, and ultimately, become the biggest joke of the lot.

  • B

    O COOL AN ALL SEEING EYE AND AN UPSIDE DOWN CROSS…’chances are you’ve seen one or two or their designs before’ – indeed, on so many other ‘brands’ products. Still some nice artwork etc., but too played out for me playaaa.

  • Jamie

    “You may be familiar with the name” – I hope that was sarcastic because it is literally the most boring, overused, cliché name that could be used. Coincidentally that also sums up their ‘brand’ too.

  • Aled

    upside down crosses, original


    “There blatant rip offs of Crooks and Castles and Obey amongst others..” Please do not be so naive to think that these companies do not rip others off also. Work in the trade and see full lines and notice how they cross over, which cannot be down to pure coincidence. Examples, Obey are just about to rip Channel and Gucci for coming seasons, also the LRG Panda Ripper Tee. The Hundreds rip Rebel 8. Every brand has their unique selling point. For us Abandon Ship has their brand logo tees and the Darryll Mullen designed tees which have stuck strong with the outlook to make an impact.

    Everyone can give the criticism from behind a small screen yet when faced with the creator wouldn’t have a word to say. Go play Call of Duty

  • cottoneyejoe

    the guy above does have a good point…it would also be nice if everyone stopped blowing off all the U.S brands and got behind some UK talent for once, OBEY is a great brand, as is Crooks & Castles, but that does not mean there is no space for more….all brands make mistakes when starting out, and it takes a long time to get the collection perfect…even then there will be people that hate on it….some of the designs The Hundreds produce for example are literally laughable!

  • AL

    Kinda sucks to see such boring apparel being featured. So many brands doing this style better out there. King Noir and Life Long off the top of my head.

  • $$$

    “For us Abandon Ship has their brand logo tees and the Darryll Mullen designed tees which have stuck strong with the outlook to make an impact.”

    I have no idea what this was supposed to mean. its literally the incoherent ramblings of someone who has no idea what they’re doing.

  • IronxMind

    “Please do not be so naive to think that these companies do not rip others off also.”

    I think you’ll find my whole point was centred around the fact that these brands DO rip offs, and you are ripping off their already parodied designs. Ripping off “Channel” (Its Chanel btw) and Gucci is completely different. They are parodying original designs from classic brands, from a completely different section of the market, not already copied designs from brands that you’re trying to share a market with. They are ripping off original designs, and you are ripping off their rip offs.
    The fact that you cant see the difference between the two is exactly the reason your copy and paste clothing company shouldn’t be featured on this site.

    These criticisms would quite happily be delivered to your face, although calling yourself “The creator” is a bit rich, seeing as you’ve not really created anything, someone else drew some designs for you and you copied and pasted some designs from somewhere else. You’re a creator in as much as making toast makes me a baker.

    As for the smarmy sign off remark…Im not really sure what it was supposed to mean. I don’t own a games console. If you’d like to discuss video games I suggest you go to Games Workshop or somewhere of that nature, this isn’t really the time nor the place.

  • http://www.abandonshipapparel.com ASA

    Just to point out we haven’t commented regarding any of this feedback.

    Thanks for it all. Not everyone gets it, its understandable, we luckily however have a strong customer base.

    Peace out and keep the opinions coming.



    Im going in…

    So I’ll give this credit where its due, the guy clearly has spent some time getting this all made and making sure the quality is there even though it is on a merch/drop dead level.. However I don’t get the designs, the thomas hooper rip off doesn’t do much for me, maybe Im getting older and that whole ‘spirograph’ look is becoming stale to my eyes, but seriously…why would I buy it? the upside down cross isn’t one for me either, its too easy, too tumblr, and Im not a teen rebel…bills gotta be paid and done are the days off jacking off watching friends.
    as for the other designs it’s kinda obvious where its gone wrong…

    No doubt you have a customer base, but I guarantee they’re young, dumb and living off tumblr.
    Try something innovative, this all seems a bit too safe sales for me and clearly theres negativity from quite a few people on here, but then again Im not sure this is suitable for TDS, but it’s always good to throw a lamb to the wolves…even if the wolves are in fact over weight clothes nerds buying into a fake lifestyle..

    and finally..

    To all the guys talking about ripping off, you’re clearly new hipster kids who have been in to this whole street wear thing for like 1 maybe 2 years? its obvious because if you look at some of the old school brands you’d notice they’ve all done rip offs, thats one of the main features that defines street wear.. not saying this brand is anything in that level or genre, but understand and do some research before you try preaching to the choir.


    @REALITYCHECK couldn’t agree with you more.