Irrelevant – I’ll Be OK [Kokeshi]

Kokeshi return with yet another solid release, this time venturing into the land of albums and debuting new Essex artist Irrelevant.

Firstly, let me stress how great this album is; it’s a truly enjoyable listen and the kind of album that you can’t help but want to listen to again and again. Something not found often enough in the realms of Dance music. For those not familiar with Irrelevant’s sound, it’s somewhere between the underwater Garage sound of Burial and the deep atmospheric Techno sounds of Shed. Organic sounding drum rhythms compliment a wealth of vocals and atmospherics, making for a whole heap of favourite tracks.

A solid 13 track album (some more atmospheric interludes), “I’ll Be OK” is a hauntingly emotional ride of fantastically well produced music. Although there are a lot of obvious pointers to Burial’s work, it would be unfair to draw straight comparisons as Irrelevants obvious Techno influences gives his sounds a unique appeal, creating something new and exciting.

Hats off to Kokeshi for this release; not only a great release, but a huge step forward for what’s looking to be a highly promising label.

“I’ll Be OK” is available in all good record stores as of tomorrow, and if you like good music, I strongly advise you buy it. Just check out the two tracks below for an idea of what to expect …

Irrelevant – Self Harm Pt 2 (Taken from the ‘I’ll Be OK’ LP) [Kokeshi] by stholdings

Irrelevant – No Love – I’ll Be OK album (clip) – KokeshiLP001 by Kokeshi ((Alley Cat))

Alex Synamatix

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  • Jas

    Just wondering where I could purchase this vinyl from if possible?