Jilted Royalty ‘N.W.O’ Collection

Birmingham based brand Jilted Royalty present us their newest collection, entitled N.W.O. (New World Order) With the impressive attention to detail that they’ve become renowned for, coupled with a quasi-masonic theme, Jilted Royalty are set to heighten their already revered status.

The quality of the garments used for all of the JR drops so far have been second to none in the UK arena, having aerated under arms on the crewnecks, individual pockets and plenty of other little details, they just have that extra air of professionalism that the majority of UK brands seem to have neglected. Being both manufactured and printed in the UK it bodes well for JR to perhaps set a standard that other streetwear brands can look to.

Though only a small collection, the key piece has to be the Heather Crew – along with all the extra refinements I’ve mentioned, it has a seemingly great fit as well as an understated yet vivid design. The jumper shares a design akin to that which we saw with the same brands ‘Geo Hoodie’ back in March of this year, again opting to brand the collar as well as the ‘little on the front, large on the back’ print choice, which seems to be the main pattern to follow this Winter.

The further drops from the collection will continue between now and the end of the year, but the items below are available now at The Candy Store.

Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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  • fiyahbun

    very strong and solid designs,quality is pretty nice

  • B

    Really sick and tired of the same old ‘lets make masonic imagery and the illuminati cool’ business. Would be interested to know what these designs mean to the designers…

  • NAD


  • tact

    JR stays true to what he set out to achieve

  • http://www.facebook.com/CorruptDynasty Tyson

    Another amazing release from Mr Read!


    I get we’re buying into a lifestyle of this guy, but seriously…I don’t get it?
    The sweats look like some Nike outlet garb that you’d pay not to wear, whats with the vent holes? you’re wearing a t-shirt under it so it’s not gunna make much difference.

    I too, don’t get the design.. but then it’s coming from a dude who’s got a head covered in snakes,
    that’d be cool if I was 14 but how the hell do you go anywhere respectful and bust that out? seriously..

  • http://www.facebook.com/CorruptDynasty Tyson

    @Realitycheck EVERYTHING i’ve purchased by Jilted has been wore in the smartest and the grimiest of environments and got compliments on both sides n a couple girls numbers due to the fact i’m fuckin handsome.
    Do some fuckin research on the guy http://www.jiltedroyalty.com n see how he’s smashing the industry alongside everybody around him then come back on here n correct your dumb comments

  • Mags

    Tyson, who cares if youre handsome, looooooool

    I cant say anything negative about Jilted Royalty, they’ve always impressed me.

  • Jake Hero

    Picked up one of these yesterday just about manged to grab one from the last drop, It fits real nice and have had numerous comments and where can i get one’s … Dont get what all the negativity / wasted energy is about. Gonna be repping it tonight BLAM. ps the pockets are a winner.

  • http://Dmakavelli DC

    Jilted royalty is a lifestyle its started with tattoos then shops then high tailored garments the bloke is a legend in the west midlands he like me he’s the top idea man without him thay got nothing he makes business perform to the highest standard dont listen to the hates Wu tang cream cash rules everything around me cream get the the money dolla dolla bill y’all peace i have jilted tattoo on my hand to show my respect tattoo candy & garments Dee bless

  • http://Dmakavelli DC

    The difference he knew he was going to be heavly tattooed like his farther i do many Things im a artist a tattooist a ideas man music media medicine clothes garments i always knew what i wanted that was a business to boss people around lol then all these N W O came and took him to court nearly fuck he’s life up jelousey G S E so there’s your favours if people watch you see what he achieves 2013 could whole range of new Taylor made things you just never know

  • http://Dmakavelli DC

    So dont hate take a leaf out of his book find some inspiration and strive to do better and them dayz will come dont need to follow the crowad to look hard that dont feed you people dont have to bite the Hand that helps support rate and work hard and goals will be smashed set targets and go for the gusto