Supreme x The North Face Winter 2011

Supreme and The North Face unite once again for a capsule collection of outerwear and luggage. Just as bold as their last partnership, but in it’s own way, the new collection includes three leopard print Nuptse Down Jackets and matching Rolling Thunder Bags.

Each 700 Goose Down filled Nuptse jacket features a predomenantly leopard print, water resistant nylon shell, with black shoulders and neck and both brands logo patches on the right arm – it also contains a concealed hood with ‘Supreme’ text printed vertically on the back. The Rolling Thunder bags feature the same printed shell, with a large main compartment, top zip mesh pocket, and internal compression straps. Both the jacket and bag are available in Taxi Yellow, Forest Green, and Zinc Grey leopard print variants made exclusively for Supreme.

While these might be a bit bold for some, I will always admire Supreme’s continued effort to do something ‘different’, and await 100’s of other brands to follow suit. All pieces will be available from Supreme London, this Friday, November 25th. More images follow below.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • mellowhype

    So so so sick. i definitely dont the cohones to pull off a leopard print puffa jacket. the detail on the hood is cool.

  • hiroshi

    don’t rate this at all. what were they thinking when they decided on the leopard print? horrendously ugly, lacks taste, wouldnt wear any of the colour-ways even if i was given one…..

  • Gillette

    Supreme are over rated

  • Ed

    Think these look sweet! Not as good as previous collab, but still good. Personally wouldn’t rock the yellow, but grey and green is a maybe!

    No doubt they’ll be madly over priced so I wont be picking one up


    Luggage is nice.

  • Cal

    Probs the ugliest collab ive seen supreme do.

  • Fick

    yeah these are fresh


    oh my days children no1 cares if u feel the need to middle-class-diss anythin supreme do, jackets r heavy look at the detail and the material man, north face and supreme again are you mad!! thats premium shit

  • C-Stylez

    The general consensus seems to be that these jackets are a fail… Frankly I can’t argue with that.
    Never mind them being Supreme, if they were say Mishka or Crooks & Castles would ANYONE even be fighting their corner. Doubt it.

    Let’s face it. You will look daft in a Cheetos puffer jacket and that’s not “hating” on anything.


    guarantee i-D will be rocking these in their coming issues

  • simon

    steeeeeeeeeeeeeezy! Where can I pick one of these up from? And how much?

  • Steve

    This finally proves that they could literally put out ANYTHING with a Supreme logo on and idiots will buy it up


    no sorry steven, im buying it coz its north face and is a body warmer with leopard print

  • old man toker

    Fucking junk, just another box logo hype for the kids to jump on. A leopard print body warmer; I cannot think of anything worse



  • deadmowgli

    These jackest are trash and it’s not a case of hating on Supreme. They released two great North Face collabs last year, including reviving a retired TNF design and redesigning it with new materials and a modified fit. That’s innovation. They’ve done countless ballsy jackets like the TNF Denali designs or the Leopard M51 which they released TWO YEARS AGO, before any of this lame Leopard hype even kicked back up again.

    The fact is by this point leopard print is tired and overdue an exit. This shit is gaudy as fuck and is designed to appeal to the lowest brow streetwear fan who stumbled into Covent Garden Size? a few weeks ago, saw a Supreme cap and all of a sudden decided that this brand was their life’s calling. They’ll blow £248 on this jacket, wear it every day in the hopes that people will give them props for their swag meter and then they will look back in a year’s time and realise that they don’t have a single photo of themselves that they would ever feel comfortable showing to their children.

    Meanwhile all the legit Supreme fans go on buying the unbranded, well produced, innovative and thoughtfully conceived product and enjoy the money you morons contribute to the brand by buying this bullshit. Stay Classy, Cheetos fans.

  • Gillette

    Very aptly put ‘Cheetos puffer ”